Thursday, July 30, 2009

July Is Over Already

Well I think that went by very fast, it seems like just yesterday we were on the dock in Emerald Isle watching fireworks. That is okay though because that just means we are closer to football season (Go Pirates) and Jamaica. This weekend we are going back to where we grew up Bigger Better Burlington. Our friends Lora and Matt are getting married and Rebecca is in the wedding so we will be busy all weekend. Thursday Rebecca will be heading up to try and help out as best as she can and try not to get in the way. Then they have the normal bridesmaid's luncheon Friday followed by the rehearsal. I will be making my way up there after work on Friday for the rehearsal dinner and hopefully some Burlington fun i.e. going to Biscuitvile, eating at Zach's, cruising Edgewood, hanging out at Raygo, and maybe go to Hams. I know we will have a good time and it will be nice to see some friends. Next weekend we are going to visit my mom and mike down in Florida. We are very excited and can't wait because we will get to see Matt, Jenna, and Landon as well. It has been too long since we have seen them; I think Matt said Landon is already shaving. We have plans to go to Key West which will be very neat since neither of us have been there before. Nice long weekend trip hopefully lots of fun and good times with the family. Well I need to stop wasting time writing on the blog and get back to painting the corn hole boards so my brother will stop bothering me and I will try to get Rebecca to add more picture. Send us some love via comments if you want and we will continue to keep you posted. -Barrett

Saturday, July 25, 2009

End of July...

I can't believe we're almost to August! Where did the summer go??? We've had such a busy summer that we've barely noticed it passing us by. Let's see....what have we been up to?
Two weeks ago we went to a wedding in Spartanburg, SC. It was for our friends Jason & Elizabeth (aka, Jeter). It was a beautiful ceremony in an old church in downtown Spartanburg. The reception was just as nice and so much fun! We really had a blast! It was also nice because it was a quick trip....about an hour there and back. That made Buddy happy because he got to stay at home! Jeff & Cindy were awesome and took care of him for the night! Thank you, thank you, thank you again! :-)
Last weekend was so nice! We had NOTHING to do! We ran errands, did a littl house cleaning, and spent some time by the pool. It's so nice to have a day to breathe! We almost forgot what that feels like!
This weekend is pretty mellow too. I'm working today for a few hours (yuck!) and Barrett is hanging out with Jason & Elizabeth...fresh off their honeymoon in the DomRep (popular desination these days!). This afternoon we're heading to Addyson's 1st birthday party. Addyson is Barrett's stepbrothers beautiful baby girl. Then...I think we're heading to a cookout with Jason & Jeter. Tomorrow...we're heading poolside. Gotta get rid of some bathing suit strap tan lines before Lora's wedding next weekend! Then...we're off on a busy few weeks again.
Off to enjoy what's left of our "do nothing" weekend! :-)

Friday, July 10, 2009

End of June into July...

It has been a long time since we have blogged and Rebecca has been too busy so I(Barrett) am taking it into my own hands and updating The Brooks Board. A few weeks ago we had a Fiesta for Matt and Lora. I am sure everyone had a good time even though it was a 100 degrees out. We had plenty of food and fun plus there was a pinata filled with mini bottles, koozies, and candy. The next weekend we went down to Charleston for our friends Austin and Melissa's wedding. We left really early Saturday so that we could get down there and walk around. Lucky for us we had a great hotel (thanks again dad) and we got to check in at 11:00. After that we walked through the market and down to the battery to see the tall ship after that we had a little lunch. The wedding was wonderful right on the water at and old Charleston home and the reception was in The Exchange one of the places the Constitution was signed. Also toward the end of the reception we also got to explore the provost dungeon where pirates were held in old Charles Town. Enough of the history lesson, later that evening we went with a bunch of friends to Wet Willies and had one frozen drink and had to retire for the evening. Last weekend we had a few days off and got to spend them in Emerald Isle with my Grandma, Aunt, Uncle and Cousins. We got down Thursday mid day and went straight to the dock and stayed out in the sun almost the entire time. I did get to go out with my cousins fishing pretty early Friday, but a combination of the night before and the really rough seas I got sick more times than we had bites. We tried everything but ended up calling it and heading back after getting completely skunked, like they say though a bad day at the beach is better than the best day at work. On the 4th of July we packed up the boat and headed to coast guard beach and hung out there most of the day playing boccie ball. That evening we had the 4th of July porch party got to see fireworks from Swansboro, Cherry Point and Emerald Isle all from the dock, it was great. This weekend we are off again this time to Spartanburg for another wedding of our friends Jason and Elizabeth. This might be the biggest wedding I have ever been to I think around 400 people and a few of those will be Charlotte friends so should be another good time. Unfortunately we are leaving buddy again but he will be in good hands. Wish us luck and hopefully for anyone reading these this is my last post. -Barrett