Friday, May 9, 2014

Oh...Hello there.

Oh.  Hey.  It's only been like 4 months since I've posted anything here on our little old blog.  I'd REALLY like to get back to it!  I love having this space to keep up with our life...where we've been,where we're going...

No time like the present, right?!  Here's a little recap...5 on Friday style.

1) Ellison:  Oh my.  She is big and beautiful and spunky and sassy.  She's 20 months...how the heck did that happen?!  I'm starting to think about planning her second birthday.  Yikes.  She is so fun and everyday we find one more thing to love about her! She is incredibly chatty, loves to sing, loves to dance, loves to eat.  :-)  She's starting to test her boundaries and is becoming more and more independent!  She looks like her daddy and is stubborn like her momma.  She's perfect and we're so, so blessed.

2) Me and B:  We celebrated our 5th anniversary in March.  Five years...unbelievable.  We took a trip to St. Lucia and had the best, best time.  I am so lucky to call that man mine.  We are looking forward to 100 more years of happy.

3) Work: I'm keeping super busy...but I really wouldn't have it any other way!  I kind of thrive on busy..it makes me efficient!  The hospital is busy...and we've been through a lot of changes.  It can be incredibly stressful some days, but I love the people I work with and am so blessed to get to love on our families.  My side gig with Rodan + Fields is going awesomely!  I really do love it...love the products, the company, my business partners.  It has been a true gift in our life.  I've been able to pay for E's school and our mortgage...and the sky's the limit.  My goal is to stay home with E more, and I'm not far from reaching that goal.  Fingers crossed!

4) Travel:  We have a few fun things coming up in the next couple of months...Spring and summer get so full, so fast!  I'm heading to New Orleans for the Child Life Conference in May...we'll be in Ohio in June for a wedding and then will head straight to Nags Head for a beach week with the fam....July will send us to sunny Florida...and then I'll be in Atlanta for an R+F conference in August!  I know the summer's going to fly by...looking forward to lots of sunshine, family, and friends!

5) Perspective:  In the last six weeks or so, three of my patients at work have lost their battle with the beast that is cancer.  Sadly, there will probably be a few more in the next couple of months to follow suit.  In the least eloquent of words, it sucks.  Perspective is a true gift.  Hug your babies, love big, always be kind.

Happy Friday, y'all.  Big plans to keep this updated again!!  :-)

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Hey There, New Year

Holy moley, y'all!  It's been almost six weeks since I have updated the blog and the last one was just photos!  Eek!  That makes me sad.  :-(  I do so love this little corner of cyber space that's all mine and I miss it!  It is such an AWESOME way to keep up with life and to document all that goes on in our crazy little world!!

Life's been nuts.  I feel like we get busier by the second!  Ellison is a full fledged toddler...she'll be 17 months next week!!  Yikes!  She gets more fun by the day.  She is sassy and smart and sweet and we just can't get enough of her!

I so want to upload a ton of photos (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years for starters!) but that may or may not happen.  Let's just start fresh.  New Year, New Goal: Blog at LEAST twice a week!  Even if it's just a boring recap of the last few days, I'm going to get it on this blog!

Looking forward to catching up!