Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Little R & R (and some hiking)

This past weekend, Barrett & I each endulged in some much needed R & R....but each a little differently.

My weekend started by working.  Not really rest and relaxation, huh?  This weekend was the annual Hemby Cup hockey game.  The Hemby Cup was started a while back as a fundraiser for Hemby Children's Hospital (the hospital where I work).  We choose a few of our patients to be our "Hemby Heroes" and they get to do a couple of fun things at the Charlotte Checkers hockey game.  They get to have their names announced and drop the puck before the game.  Then, after the second period the fans all throw pucks onto the ice in the hopes of winning a car.  The kids then get to go onto the ice and help pick up all the pucks from "Chuck A Puck".  I participated in this as well with our kids...in ballet flats no less.  Scary.

Saturday, I was completely lazy, and it was awesome!  I finished my book, The Help (phenomenal by the way) and got to do a lot of snuggling with Buddy.  We laid around all day together and it was truly satisfying! 

Barrett's idea of relaxation is a tad different from mine.  He went backpacking and camping at Jones Gap State Park in SC.  He went with 5 friends of his, and spent the days hiking through the mountains.  The first night the guys camped near the rangers station. On Saturday, they packed up their gear and began hiking to Rainbow Falls.  Although the hike was only a mile and a half up to the falls it was about 1,000 feet elevation change and Barrett was carrying a 50 pound pack on his back!  Ouch!  Hello thigh workout!  He got some pretty great pictures of the falls...

Rainbow Falls

They took a couple more small hikes and called it an early evening because they were all so exhausted.  Barrett did see a couple of dogs while hiking...one of them had a backpack, so we are now in the market for a bag for Buddy.  :-)

Hope you all enjoyed your weekends.  The first day of Spring was beautiful here...here's hoping for much more sunshine!

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