Monday, April 26, 2010

New Living Room, Tomato Plants, and Runaway Horses

We've had a lot going on in the last two weeks and I can't believe we haven't put up any new posts!

Let's see...weekend before last we stayed home and had every intention to finish painting.  Well, the best laid plans....so obviously we didn't get any of that done!  But, we did get a few things done we'd been talking about for a while. 

We planted two tomato plants!  I'm actually pretty excited about this...I've only been saying I wanted to grow tomatoes for about 5 years now so I suppose it was about time we actually checked that off the list!  Many thanks to Cindy for all the info on the tricks of the trade.  :-)  We planted two different types...Celebrity (which apparently are the most popular) and Big Beef (becuase they are the most disease resistant, and they have a fun name).  So hopefully they will flourish and we'll have lots of big, juicy tomatoes to get us through the summer.

Celebrity on the left, Big Beef on the right.

We also rearranged the living room a bit.  I hate our couches....just really hate them.  We've had them for about 4 years or so (I bought them from a friend in college) and they're just past their best days.  The cushions are flat and they are incredibly uncomfortable.  So, because buying new couches right now isn't on the list for a variety of reasons, I thought that maybe moving them around a bit would help.  After a few different positions, I think we found the best spot for them.  We went to Target and bought some new throw pillows and an area rug, and I think that should last us until we're ready for new couches at some point.  :-)

I registered for my next two classes, so hopefully I am still on track to apply to dental hygiene school in February.  I am taking Anatomy & Physiology II online this summer (so I'll have to be really good about reading my book) and Microbiology online in the fall with an on-campus lab one night a week (I'm not so sure I even know what Micro entails)...so keep your fingers crossed I do OK in those!  I am kicking some serious Math behind this semester.  My last class is this week, and the final exam is next week.  But, I don't have to take the final because I have a 101 in the class.  Kudos to me.  :-)

Saturday was fun fun fun!  We went with some friends to the Queen's Cup Steeplechase horse race.  It's in Wesley Chapel, NC which is about half an hour or so from our house.  There were 12 of us who took a 15 passenger van out to the race.  We spent the day enjoying good food, cool beverages, and great friends.  It rained a little in the afternoon, but we didn't let that spoil our time!  One fun little highlight...one of the horses decided he'd had enough of all the running around in circles business and took a little detour.  Right off the track, out into the crowd.  Poor guy was a little spooked, and it took two ATVs and another horse to get him back to the track.  Quite the exctitement.  After the race they had a fun little party at the main tent.  A great band was playing called KingDaddy, and they played some really fun oldies and beach music.  They had free food catered and a cash bar that served....Sweetwater Blue!  Don't know if you've ever heard me talk about my favorite restaurant/bar in Atlanta, but it was the place that introduced me to my favorite beer...Sweetwater Blue.  Sweetwater is a Georgia brewing company, and Blue is a blueberry flavored beer.  Yum yum.  But...you can't find it anywhere north of Georgia!  Apparently they are branching out now so that was a fun surprise.  After the race we took the van back into town, regrouped, and then actually made it out afterwards for some dinner.  Later in the evening we all went to this bar called Jeff's Bucket Shop.  It is a tiny little hole in the wall...but they have karaoke!  Barrett and I sang "I Believe in a Thing Called Love" by the Darkness (our entrance song at our wedding reception), I sang "Bohemian Rhapsody" with two other friends, and we got the whole bar in on a rendition of "Don't Stop Believing."  All in all, a successful night!  :-)  Enjoy the pictures below.

My hat.

View from our tailgate spot.

Watching a race.

All the girls.

All the boys.

And...they're off!

Rain won't stop our fun!

Ladder Golf in the Rain

The afterparty.

Sweet surprise.

Just in case you need it...The "Ladies Necessary"
Yes, that's the bathroom.

This would be the Runaway Horse.
Get back on the track Number 3.

I Believe In A Thing Called Love :-)

This week is nothing special.  Just work.  Woo Hoo.  This weekend is kind of sad too...Barrett has to work on Saturday, so that kind of eliminated too much fun,  BUT...we vow to paint this weekend.  Who's with us?  :-)


  1. hahaha....you bought those couches from me!!!!!

  2. I did! And they have brought me a long way baby! :-)