Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sweet Summertime

Well...Summer is here!  I know that technically it's still Spring, but with the weather we've been having, I think we sort of skipped right over Spring.  :-)

Last week we took a trip to Florida to visit with Susan and Mike.  We had a wonderful, wonderful time!!  We got in Sunday afernoon, and spent some time just hanging out and catching up.  We had an amazing dinner at the house (steak, lobster, seafood boil....), played a few card games, and got to bed to rest up for the rest of the busy week ahead.  Monday, Susan had to work and Mike had to fly out to Houston for a job interview, so Barrett and I spent the entire day relaxing by the pool and catching up on some reading.  It was so nice to just sit around, soak in some sunshine, and enjoy some serious R & R.  That evening, we went out to this video gambling place...No, gambling isn't legal in Florida...this was for entertainment purposes only!  It's a pretty neat idea though...you pay $20, they give you $20, and the load it all onto a card for you.  You swipe your card, play any of a number of different video games, and win or lose your money.  After you've played, if you have enough "credits" left on your card, you get to exchange them for a gift certificate.  Barrett and I ended up leaving with a $25 gift card to Target and a $25 visa gift card.  So, we spent $40, got a couple hours entertainment, and made $10.  :-)


Winning Big.  :-)

Tuesday we headed out to spend the day at Boca Grande.  The weather was perfect, the beach was not crowded, and the water was beautiful.  We spent the day soaking in the sun, had drinks at the marina, and visited the Boca Grande lighthouse.  The water is so pretty there...you really feel like you've escaped to a Caribbean island.

Tuesday night we went out to dinner at an oyster bar at Fisherman's Village in Punta Gorda.  We had a really yummy (big) meal and got to see a beautiful sunset right over the water.  After dinner we went to Mike's favorite bar in Punta Gorda...a little pub called the Celtic Ray.  It's a cute little place with these great little glider booths out front.  We called it a fairly early night because we had a big day ahead of us starting early in the morning!

Barrett and Mike caught a big one at Fisherman's Village


Susan't first Bullseye!

Wednesday was the big day!!  DISNEY!  I have just been so excited about getting back to Disney World.  I think it's probably been about 15 years since I've been (not counting the one day at Epcot two years ago for the Child Life Conference).  I was super pumped about going to the Magic Kingdom!  It was everything  I remembered it being!  We had a really phenomenal day...the weather was PERFECT, there weren't huge crowds (the longest we waited in a line was maybe 10 minutes on one or two rides), and we got in pretty much every attraction at the park.  Couple of highlights...I rode Space Mountain and kept my eyes open in the Haunted Mansion, which are HUGE accomplishments for me because I've always been s big baby when it comes to remotely scary things.  We got to see pretty much all the characters in the parade (I think I have a picture of everyone to prove it).  The fireworks were amazing!!  I don't think I can possibly do the fun we had justice in words.  I am already mentally preparing our next trip...one day just wasn't enough!!  Who's with me??!!

We're here!

About to ride Space Mountain...

Proof I actually did it.  :-)

the Astro Orbiter

Getting the bad guys with Buzz Lightyear

Cinderella, Prince Charming, and Fairy Godmother in the Parade

tombstone at Haunted Mansion

A little scared (before I got yelled at about no flash photography)

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Splah Mountain

After the splash.

Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse

"It's a world of laughter, a world of tears.  It's a world of hope, and a world of fears.  There's so much that we share, and it's time we're aware...It's a small world after all.  It's a Small World After All!  It's a Small World After All!  It's a Small World After All!  It's a Small, Small World!!"

Yeah...you'll sing it all day now.  :-)

A very blustery day on the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

A spin on the Tea Cups

Pretty Fireworks

We had such a great trip.  It went too fast!  We are already looking forward to our next visit.  Thank you Susan and Mike for such a great few days!

On a fun note...our tomato plants are growing like crazy!  They've easily quadrupled in size and have started sprouting little flowers!  We can't wair for the first tomatoes off the plants!!

When they were babies...

Where they are now!

Painting the house is moving along, slowly but surely.  We've completed the man cave and half bath, the 2nd floor half bath, the guest bedroom and guest bathroom.  So, that leaves the living room, kitchen, master bedroom and bath, and all the white walls in the house.  At this rate, we should be done by Christmas.  :-) 

Back to a full work week tomorrow and the first day of my summer class...Anatomy and Physiology.  Good times.

Hope you all have a wonderful start to the week!

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