Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sorry So Few Updates

Well it has been a while so I (Barrett) am updating the blog. I did get a list of things to cover from Rebecca so I hope I get to them all and everyone is up to date.

Let’s start with the week before Memorial Day weekend when my brother was having stomach pains. He ended up going to the doctor and then the hospital and had some work done. They found his appendix was inflamed and he needed an appendectomy. They got to the surgery either just in time and had a problem or a little late because he ended up having to stay in the hospital a few days. With all this going on I thought it would be nice to go down and visit with them instead of staying home alone. Rebecca had plans to go to the river with her friends from work which is right near Greenville so it worked out for us all (buddy) to go. I had a great time with Jenna, Matt, and Landon. I got to play with Landon a lot and we even got to go swimming in the pool they joined this summer. Rebecca as always had a great time with the girls from work. They went out on the boat and hung out with a lot of locals at a sand bar. They celebrated one of the girls (Angela) birthday and had lots of fun.

Rebecca is in school this summer taking an Anatomy class and the work is really getting to her. She needs to be doing around two assignments a week and she has been doing about one a week. On the bright side the work grade is only about 10 percent of her grade and she has gotten a 95 and a 96 on her two tests so I'm not worried about her. She will probably cram it all in a week or so before the end and get an A in the class.

I went down to Emerald Isle with my brother and two cousins for the second annual guy’s weekend. We had an addition this year of a friend of ours from ECU (Adam), which worked out well since he knows our cousin as well. Everyone had a great time we spent one day on the dock the other day on the boat and had a lot of good food and drinks mixed in. Thanks Ed and Brooks for the great time we should see you for the 4th.(side note on the good food I cook ribs and I must say I am getting good at it)

This weekend Rebecca is off to Phoenix for a Child Life Conference so that will be neat for her. She was saying she hasn't been west of Texas so good experience seeing a new city and state. It should be fun and informational they have sessions all day and then have their nights to do whatever. She will have to update everyone on that when she gets back I won't let her forget.

We have two weddings coming up one in Charlotte next weekend so that will be good for us to both be home though we have something planned. The next weekend we have a wedding in Maryland which I am very excited about. The wedding is one of my fraternity brothers so I will get to see a lot of friends and it is in Maryland on the bay so we should have a chance to get some Crabs and National Bohemian (local beer).

A couple of quick things Rebecca's Mom and Kenny are now back in Burlington. Rebecca went up there the Sunday after they moved to see them and have dinner with the family. Our tomato plants are growing like crazy Rebecca’s plant has 6 and I only have 2(she's winning) all of which are not ripe yet but will be very soon. House is still not painted but I hope to get some done this weekend. Buddy also ate two whole corn cobs while we weren't looking some how. I am sure he will be okay he did get sick today but what an idiot

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