Monday, August 23, 2010

Lots of Celebrations!

There have been lots of fun things to celebrate around here lately!  One thing after another...exhausting but lots of fun!

Celebration #1:  We finally painted something!  We knocked our bathroom off the list.  So, now we just have four more spaces to check off.  Getting there...slowly but surely! 



Celebration #2:  Meade & Emily's wedding.  We traveled down to Greenville, SC to celebrate the wedding of Meade & Emily.  Meade is one of Barrett's fraternity brothers.  We drove down with Matt & Jenna, and had such a great time!  The wedding was amazing!  The reception was at a history museum in Greenville and the band (The Dickens) was so fun!  I don't know that I've ever seen that many people on the dance floor at a wedding!

Museum Foyer

Fun with Props

Fun with Props 2

Me and Jenna

Good times.

The Brooks Families

Rocking out with the band.

Celebration #3 (and #4):  Last weekend we went to Carolina Beach with Matt, Lora, Kristi, and Chris.  Kristi and Chris got engaged last weekend (YAY!  Congratulations!) and Friday was Kristi's birthday.  We had a wonderful time.  Friday night we went out to dinner at an oyster bar and our friend Claire (who just moved to Wilmington from DC) came out to meet us.  After dinner, we went to this crazy little bar/club/restaurant down the street called Tangerine.  Outside, there was a local band playing things like Bob Dylan, and inside was dance party 2010 (complete with a random dance off between two dudes) with serious rap music.  Weird...but very entertaining!

Claire, Lora, Kristi, and Me

Cute little puppy on the walk home.  No worries, he had a home...we just stole him for a quick second.

On the beach.


Happy Birthday Kristi!

This weekend, my mom and sister are coming to town...and we're going to see the musical Mary Poppins!  I'm so excited!  :-)  Saturday, Barrett's team from work is having a cookout that we're going to stop by for lunch.

My class started up last week.  Every Monday night, 6-9 pm...Mocrobiology lab.  Good times.

Pirate football starts in less than two weeks!  Where did the summer go?  I think it might be safe to say that I am ready for Fall to get here though.  It's been a busy summer, and I know the Fall will be just as busy, but at least it will be a little cooler!  :-)

On a sad note...my mom and stepdad's dog Cajun passed away a couple of weeks ago.  He had a perforated intestine.  He was pretty awesome and will definitely be missed.  Please keep them in your thoughts.


  1. Great pictures!!! So glad you girls had a good time this weekend. I can't wait to see yall in 2 weeks for the first football game!!! And I'm so sorry to hear about Cajun. I know that must be hard for your family.

  2. Aww I hope yall had a great time...you looked beautiful at Emily's wedding!!! Hopefully Ill see you soon!