Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas, Christmas Time is Here!

OK...So I realize it's been almost a month since we posted an update.  Really this time...I have a good excuse!  Apparently we were nearing going over our allotted data plan minutes (our internet is through AT&T).  I was banned from the internet by Barrett until our new month started...must have had something to do with all of the online Christmas shopping we've done this year!

So many things have happened in the last three weeks!  Let's see...

Our great friends Katie and Jeremy welcomed their newest addition, Landon Michael Krist, on December 2.  He is just the cutest little thing and I can't wait to get my hands on him!  Many, many congratulations to Katie and Jeremy...you are going to be such amazing parents!

Rachel and Bubba bought a house in Wake Forest...and they moved in the first week of December.  Barrett, Buddy, and I went to help them move and get some things put together.  It is the cutest little place with a really great fenced in back yard.  It snowed ALL DAY on Saturday!  It made for a cold, wet moving day, but it was really pretty!

The next week at work, the Bronko Nagurski Award candidates came to visit the hospital.  The Bronko Nagurski award is given to the college defensive player of the year...it's sort of the Heisman equivalent for defensive players, since defensive players pretty much never win the Heisman.  The Charlotte Touchdown club gives out the award and holds the banquet, so they've been coming to visit for the last few years.  This year the finalists were Da'Quan Bowers (Award Winner, Clemson), Nick Fairley (Auburn), Justin Houston (Georgia), Luke Kuechly (Boston College), and Patrick Peterson (LSU).  I wore my purple and gold, and was sure to get a photo with Patrick Peterson.  Geaux Tigers.  :-)

Last weekend was Matt's 30th birthday!  We went to Greenville to commemorate the loss of his youth by singing karaoke and eating oysters.  We rented a party bus...complete with karaoke, a fireplace, laser lights, a smoke machine, and dancing pole.  :-)  There was also a lot of fun to be had with stick-on facial hair, wigs, and Kanye shades.  We drove to Williamston, NC to have oysters at Sunnyside Oyster Bar.  Oysters were yummy, bus was SO fun, and we had a really great time!  Matt definitely left his 20s with a bang!  We're eagerly looking forward to the next adventure...hopefully on that bus!

Is it really a party with Pirates without everyone's hands going up? :-)

We are busy, busy, busy at work right now.  Christmas always brings some pretty fun characters out of the wood works.  Everybody wants to come see the sick kids at Christmas...nobody wants to come in January...and apparently I am Scrooge for not accommodating every crazy request we get. 

For example, Lady on the phone: "We'd like to come and read about the birthday of baby Jesus."  Me:  "I'm sorry, ma'am, but I can not allow you to come read about the birth of baby Jesus because we need to be sure that we are respecting all beliefs." Lady: "Well, can't we just invite the Christian children?"  Me:  "No, we can't just invite the Christian children because I can't go into a room, ask someone if they are a Christian, and then tell them if they aren't then they aren't allowed to come to the playroom."  Ugh. 

Another good one is, "We'd like to bring our 3 year old and 6 year old up to the hospital to visit with patients...just so they can see how lucky they really are." Really?  Sorry, we're not a zoo...the kids aren't on display to teach your child a lesson.  Ho, Ho, Ho.

Other than some wackos, Christmas is pretty fun around the hospital.  We've already had a Polar Express Party, a Christmas Movie Marathon Day, and our big Hemby Winter Wonderland Party (complete with a face painting elf, caricature artist, and Santa).  We also had our annual Child Life White Elephant Party...super fun, good food, good wine, and a great time with the best co-workers in all the land.  :-) 

Next week will be even busier...lots of big toy donations, a pizza party, the Charlotte Bobcats visit, and we open our ToyShop for families who will be inpatient on Christmas day.  Families are invited to come in and pick out toys for the patient and siblings.  We wrap them up and Santa delivers them to the rooms on Christmas Eve.  :-)

Then...it's finally Christmas!  I say that like this year hasn't really FLOWN by!  We're going to be busy bees.  Barrett's mom, hopefully his stepdad, and my mom and stepdad are coming to town on Christmas Eve.  We'll hang around the house, visit, eat, drink, and be merry.  Christmas Day, my sister and Bubba come to town, Barrett's dad and stepmom join the fun, and I'm making Christmas Dinner for everyone.  I just love having a house full around the holidays.  Barrett said it best, "I'd rather wake up on an air mattress in my own house on Chirstmas morning than to not spend Christmas with family."  Agreed.

Hope you all are having a wonderful December...that you're staying warm...and that you are all ready for Christmas!


  1. Thanks for the congrats lovey! You guys just stay busy!!! :) Can't wait to see you sometime soon. Love ya!

  2. Just love your Family Christmas picture! I miss all of the Hemby events, but have no shortage of crazies at our hospital. For example, a surprise Santa in a motorized cart reeking of cigs and a drunk man with CVS toys...they were actually nice toys, he is just going to wonder where all his money went when he sobers up. :) And a wealthy club that said they would have more volunteers show up "if they could just set up a little wine and cheese table in the hall while they decorated" Happy hr on the peds floor, why not?!