Monday, December 31, 2012

The Great Stomach Bug of 2012

Whew! This one's been a doozy!

Ellison was sick Wednesday-Friday. We took her to the pediatrician, decided it was just a stomach bug, and started on Pedialyte. Guess who got the bug Friday? Me. Guess who got the big Sunday? Barrett. Guess who threw up again last night and this morning? Ellison. Yuck, yuck, yuck!!

I took E back into the pediatrician's office this morning because they wanted to check her weight. She was down to 13 lbs 5 oz...13 oz loss since Friday. That's 5.7% of her body weight. Because she started vomiting again when we went back to full strength formula, we're supposed to try Nutramigen mixed with Pedialyte and then just Nutramigen till our 4 month checkup on Monday.

So, we essentially still have no answers. I asked the pediatrician if they thought I was crazy yet. She assured me they didn't! :-). A six day stomach bug just seems strange to me. Right?!

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  1. Poor thing! I hope she gets to feeling better soon!