Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Adventures in Grocery Shopping

So, I've been trying to figure out this whole coupon using thing for a while now. It blows my mind how some people can go to the grocery store, buy $400 worth of items, and walk out having only spent $3.14. I just couldn't figure it out! I had clipped coupons from the Sunday paper, brought them with me to the store, and saved $20 or so, but still paid $150! I couldn't wrap my head around it! But then...at work a few days ago, one of the nurses gave a mini-lesson on the tricks of the trade. It really is like a game! There are secret codes and special days of the week...it's very involved! So, last night Barrett and I went to Harris Teeter to see if we could use my new skills to our advantage...I didn't have very high expectations, but my goal was to save at least as much as I spent. So, how did we do?? We met the goal! We spent $81 and saved $84! So, half price! I was pretty happy for our first time out! We probably could have done better...we bought some things that we didn't have coupons for (like buy 1 get 1 free london broil, which also isn't half bad) so that was extra money we spent. We'll do better next time...Practice makes perfect! :-)

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