Thursday, August 20, 2009

Coming up...

So...last weekend was really nice. We got to be a little lazy. Hung around the house, went to the pool, got some laundry done... It was nice to be home and I know Buddy was happy we were there too! :-) Tuesday was my friend Elyse's birthday. We went bowling at the new Strike City uptown and had a really great time. It was so fun and a really neat place. I won the award for the lowest score of the night (a whopping 52) and Barrett was trying for most creative bowl, but was beat at the last minute. I love to hang out with the girls from work. They are so fun to be around and quite honestly are one of the major reasons I still work at the hospital. They have pretty fun husbands/boyfriends/significant others too...so it's fun for Barrett as well! All in all, a pretty succesful trip uptown! Another fun tid-bit - Lora called me this week and told me she thinks she found a FREE island for our kitchen! Yay! This show room that works with Matt went bankrupt and closed their doors and basically told Matt to come take whatever he wanted. Lora saw this freestanding, solid wood island with a black marble (I think she said marble) top. She said it's super heavy but thinks it will fit well in our kitchen. We will be able to stain the wood to match our cabinets, and our appliances are black, so I think it will work. We're also planning to put a black backsplash in the kitchen too, so I think it will all look good together. It will take up a good bit of floor space...but I am so excited to have more counter space AND a drawer for my silveware! It won't have to live in the pantry anymore! Thanks, Lora, for keeping your eyes open! Just when I thought I was feeling better...I got a pretty bad cough. It's worse at night, but makes me kid of tired and my chest hurt a little in the day. At least this time I don't think I'm having a heart attack! Hopefully a little Day-Quil and Robitussin will knock it out. This weekend we're doing a little more of the same. Relaxing. No real plans except maybe a little sushi outing for dinner one night. And - Barrett is going to start painting Matt's new fun cornhole boards. We brought them here to Charlotte and Steve, one of Barrett's friends from work, drew Pee Dee the Pirate on them. So - now it's time to paint them so they can be done for the first game in two weeks! Go Pirates! :-) Hope everyone is doing well! XOXO

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