Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lora and Matt's Wedding Weekend...

We had a BLAST at Matt & Lora's wedding in Burlington this weekend! She was stunning and Matt looked really handsome. The Craig Woolard Band played awesome beach music all night...yummy seafood...good friends...
The weekend started for me on Thursday. I headed to Burlington to help Lora out with a few last minute things. Lora, Ging, and I went to the nail salon for mani pedis too.
Friday was the bridesmaids luncheon at this cute little place in Mebane call Dick & Jane's. It was hosted by Katie (Allen) Krist and her mom, Jan. It was lots of fun, and we had these fun little martinis called summer lemons. Yum...but dangerous! :-) The rehearsal was that night and went smoothly for the most part. Katherine and I were wearing the same dress (in different colors) so, great minds think alikt I guess! Barrett had to work Friday, so he came in after work and made it to the rehearsal dinner at The Cutting Board. The food was good and they had the most awesome Pee Dee the Pirate cake made by Lora's Aunt Erin.
Saturday was busy busy! We started early at Positive Image for hair and makeup. The limo picked us up at Lora's at 2:30, and we headed to the church for pictures. Lora looked beautiful and the colors (purple and yellow) looked so great together. We may be a bit biased though... :-)
We had a really great time at the reception. The food was awesome (lots of seafood...oysters 4 ways, shrimp, etc.) and the band (Craig Woolard) was so fun! The dance floor was full ALL night! I don't think I've ever seen that at a wedding before! The night went too fast...it was such a good time.
Sunday was kind of a slow start...but we got to hang out with the newlyweds for a few hours before we headed home and before they took off to Hawaii for 10 days.
Good times. I think we're done with weddings till Jamaica on October. It sure has been a nuptial-filled few months!

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