Thursday, October 29, 2009

We Are Back

We are home from Jamaica safe and sound. We had a wonderful time, it was absolutely beautiful, the weather was great, and we had so much fun. Congratulation to Anna and Travis, I think the destination wedding was a success. The new camera worked great and I think we have 300 pictures. I will try to help Rebecca go through all the pictures so we can devote an entire post to the trip. We got home late and needed a day to rest before going back to work. We got buddy from the Vet and he was so happy to be free he peed on the floor in their front office. Rebecca is not feeling good I think she may be getting sick hopefully not the flu because we both really don't have any days off left after all our travels. I think we have a Halloween party Saturday but we will see how Rebecca feels in a day or so. We could go to the party with surgical masks on and be doctors so we don't get everyone sick. We have our big Thursday night football game next week against Virginia Tech. Hopefully they will continue to play bad and we will continue to play good and we will get a great upset. Wishful thinking I know especially since we beat them last year I bet they have revenge on their minds. It is supposed to be a "pirate out" but there is all this talk on the banter board about a "black out" so I think I am going to cover both and be a black pirate. Come back soon for the Jamaica update -Barrett

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