Saturday, February 20, 2010

Good Day, Sunshine!

Thank goodness for sunshine!

It was a beautiful day here in Charlotte - and pretty much everywhere else too I think! I was in serious need of some warmth and sunlight. Barrett enjoyed the day on Beech Mountain, snowboarding with friends. What a weirdo, right? It finally warms up and he heads to Boone where there was about 20 inches of new snow this week!

Buddy and I enoyed part of the day on walks. We went for 4 today which is at least twice as many as normal. :-) The first warm/sunny day always makes Buddy pretty excited. He even got to play with a friend in the neighborhood! I also got a little early spring cleaning done...windows open, music on...it was time to get out of the winter funk!

Hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine as much as we are!

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