Monday, May 23, 2011

Must Haves

OK...I'm jumping on the wagon.  :-)  My friends Nickie, Katie, and Kristi all posted Must Have Lists on their blogs.  We all have a few items that we can't live without, and it's definitely fun to take a peek at everyone's to find some new, fun things!  Here are a few of my faves...

~My Keurig.

This is the greatest thing that ever happened to me (in coffee land anyway)!  I was never quite awesome at the whole water to grounds ratio.  I could only really get it right if I made a whole pot, but I am pretty much a one or two cup girl so I was always wasting some.  And, who has time to brew a pot of coffee in the morning?!  My Keurig saved my mornings.  It is fabulous...I'll never go back to a regular coffee maker.

~Philosophy Amazing Grace...Anything!

This is my favorite, favorite, favorite scented item of all time.  It smells so clean and wonderful.  I use everything from the shampoo to lotion to perfume.  It's always on my Christmas or Birthday list, and if it's on sale I try very hard to stock up a bit.  Start with a sample to try it out for super super cheap.  You may never look at body wash the same way again!

~Johnson and Johnson Bedtime Lotion.

When I cheat on my Amazing Grace, it is only with Bedtime Lotion.  Maybe I let my imagination take over a bit, but I swear this stuff is truly soothing and relaxing.  It's also super gentle and non-irritating, and the smell is really pleasant without being perfumey.

~Pond's Dry Skin Moisturizing Cream

I have been using this since high school.  It's super gentle and has a cooling element too.  I have uber sensitive skin and some pretty raging seasonal allergies so my skin is always a little angry.  This has been my tried and true, go-to moisturizer forever and I don't anticipate ever switching.  Plus, my grandma used this too so it reminds me of her.  :-)

~And just for giggles...Chicken Poop Chapstick!

Santa left this in my stocking this year and it rocks!  No worries, there is not any actual chicken poop in this product!  It's all natural and made with avocado oil.  It is so smooth and smells wondeful...plus, it doesn't really have a taste or flavor, so I can drink my yummy cup of coffee from my Keurig without tasting mint.  :-)


  1. I love the bedtime lotion too- i swear it makes me sleep better, haha.