Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Diet Cupcakes...Oxymoron?

In the last few weeks I've made/eaten more cupcakes than I have in the last year.  I have a HUGE sweet tooth.  Would seriously rather eat baked goods than a full on real meal.  So, how to curb the craving without having to buy new, bigger pants?  Diet cupcakes.
I'd seen this on the Weight Watchers recipe boards a few times, had always thought about trying it, but it always seemed a little weird to me.  However, I finally bit the bullet and boy oh boy were we in for a treat!  Here's what you need....

1 box cake mix
9 oz diet soda

That's all.  No eggs, no oil, no milk, no nothing but soda.  Dump your dry cake mix in a bowl, add 9 oz diet soad, mix, and pour to make a cake or 12 cupcakes.  Lighter sodas (Sprite, Ginger Ale, etc) work better with lighter cakes (yellow cake, vanilla cake, lemon cake, etc.) and darker sodas (Coke, Root Beer, etc.) with darker cakes (Devil's Food, Chocolate, etc.).  So far, we've had lemon cake with diet ginger ale (cover that bad boy with fresh fruit and whipped cream), strawberry cake with Sprite Zero, and yellow cake with Sprite Zero.  Yummo.  Bonus:  very little clean up required.  :-)

Definitely give it a try!! 

Lemon cake with Diet Gnger Ale

Strawberry cake with Sprite Zero
(Happy 4th of July!)

Yellow Cake with Sprite Zero
(Happy Birthday Sondra!)

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