Friday, August 10, 2012

36 Week OB Appointment

We had our 36 week checkup on Tuesday.  I can't believe we're here already!  Nine months along and now we'll see our OB every week until Ellison arrives!  It really has gone by so fast.  The last couple of weeks feel like they've ticked by a little slower, but as a whole it's very strange to think that I've been pregnant for 75% of the last year!

Our appointment went really well.  Our little Ellie Bean's heartbeat was super strong at about 163 BPM.  She was also very active during our appointment, bouncing all over the place while they were trying to catch her heartbeat!  This was the first appointment where they checked to see if I was making any progress.  Much to our surprise, things are happening.  :-)  My cervix was soft and I am about 1 cm dilated at this point.  Ellison is still head down, so she's doing her job too.  Now, I realize that things could stay that way for weeks, but it was nice to hear that things are moving along.  There will actually be a baby girl joining us at some point in the near future!  Dr. Rogers also said that while I wasn't going to be having a baby that very day, she didn't think I'd go late...which was definitely music to my ears! 

We are getting so close!!  We'll see the doctor every Tuesday between now and Ellison's birthday.  At this point, we're just so ready to meet her!!

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