Friday, September 14, 2012

Week 2

Dear Ellison -

You are 2 weeks old!  The days go by so fast around here!  We are trying to soak up every sweet minute and every snuggle because we know they are only going to go by faster as you grow.  We are starting to find our rhythm, but we definitely don't have a real schedule or routine quite yet.  We're all flying by the seat of our pants, but it's working for us for now!  Here are some highlights from your second week...

-You actually got to "watch" your first ECU game.  We played South Carolina.  We lost...it was ugly, but you were the cutest Pirate in town for sure!

-You met your great grandpa Pa Paw Tom and Bea too.  They think you're just as awesome as we all do!

-Your daddy went back to work this week.  He doesn't like to be away from you.  I send him lots of pictures of you throughout the day though!
-You lost your umbilical cord stump on Monday of this week.  You were 10 days old.  Your daddy was sad to miss this...so he took the next day off of work.  :-)
-We went for our first family walk and stroller ride.  You really liked it!  You slept the whole time.

-You are still wearing newborn clothes and diapers and still have a good bit of room in them.  I honestly wasn't sure you'd wear your newborn clothes at all!  Your daddy had me convinced that you'd be a big baby, so I didn't even wash your newborn clothes before you were born!
-You are a really great eater...although breastfeeding has not been what we hoped it would be (more on that some other time).  Basically, I'm pumping and we're bottle feeding you breastmilk.  We're supplementing a bottle of formula here and there if you're still hungry after a feeding.  You are eating as much as 4 ounces sometimes!  You are probably averaging about 3 ounces every 2 to 3 hours.  We're still waking you every three hours during the day and every four hours at night.  But, you usually wake up on your own before then.  You make the funniest hungry baby bird face when you're hungry!  You give us about 4 seconds to get a bottle to your lips before you start to fuss.  Once we're ready to go, you close your eyes, open your mouth, and shake your little head back and forth looking for the bottle.
-We spent some more time on your play mat, in the mamaroo, and learning our colors this week.  We talked about the toys that hang from your playmat.  We especially like the brown dog because he looks like Buddy.

-You really like to be swaddled, but only if your arms are free.  You like to sleep with your arms up by your ears.  If you're feeling sleepy but not quite settled, your pacifier will usually soothe you off to sleep.

 -Happy Second Week Love.

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