Sunday, April 7, 2013

Seven Months

Dear Ellison,

Seven months?! Yikes! We're in the second half of your first year. How'd that happen?! You are growing so fast and it is so fun to watch you learn something new everyday. You've been a busy bee! Here's what's up this month...

-No checkup this month, but I'd guess you're weighing in at about 19 or 20 pounds and are maybe 26 inches long? You are probably only still long enough to measure when you're sleeping!

-You're wearing mostly 6 month clothes, but depending on the brand you can wear 6-9, 9, or 6-12 months. You are wearing size three diapers. None of your shoes fit you yet!

-You are still a wonderful sleeper. You are typically in bed by about 7:30 and give us a pretty solid twelve hours. You usually take two good naps a day still, one around 10:00 am and one around 2:00 pm when you're home with us. You definitely prefer sleeping on your belly, and we've finally given in and don't come in to flip you back over anymore!  You've recently discovered your Sleep Sheep and sometimes we'll catch you in the crib reaching up to grab it!

-You are still a great eater, too. You have five bottles a day...6 oz when you wake up, midday, and before bed...5 oz mid morning and 5 oz mid afternoon.  We're working on trying to get you to hold your bottle on your own. You CAN do it, you just don't always WANT to do it! 

-You LOVE your fruits and veggies! New foods you've tried this month are avocado, squash, pears, peaches, peas, apples, and apples with cherries. We started bringing fruits and veggies to school for you this month, and you have a fruit with cereal at your mid morning bottle and a veggie with cereal at your mid afternoon bottle, just like you do at home.  You love snacking on fruits with your mesh teether, too.

-We started giving you Puffs and yogurt melts this month too. After just two or three tries, you really got the hang of getting the puffs and melts to your mouth. You're great at using just your pointer finger and thumb to pick them up, and you're even passing things from one hand to the other. Buddy has it all figured out now and spends every meal and snack time parked under your high chair, just in case!

-You've got the whole object permanence thing down pat. You look for toys and other items when you drop them and try to find things that we cover with our hands or a blanket. You think peek a boo is pretty fun too.

-Standing is your favorite.  You'd rather stand than sit for sure.  You hold on to our fingers or the ottomon in the living room.  You're getting really brave and are trying to let go and stand on your own.  You're not quite there yet, sugar, so slow down! 

-You're about to crawl any second now.  You get up on your hands and knees and rock back and forth.  As soon as you figure out how to move a knee, you'll be mobile!

-You are the sweetest little conversationalist.  You love to chat.  You say lots of Da Da's and Buh Buh's.  We don't think you're truly associating your daddy with Da Da yet, but I think you're close.  You have made all vowel sounds and have also got down the following consonants: b,d, g, p, t, v, w, and y.  You blow lots of raspberries and have started making a sweet little smacking sound with your lips.  We think you're trying to blow us kisses. ;-)

-You started taking baths in your inflatable duck tub this month.  We knew it was time to graduate from your pink bath chair when you were sitting up and forward in it to reach your toes!  You love your duck tub and love to splash and play with your rubber duckies.  You also really love chewing/sucking on the wet washcloth!

-Speaking of chewing...we noticed your second tooth on March 8.  You now have your two bottom middle teeth and they are just the cutest thing!

-We had some really lovely weather here this month, so one day we took you out to the neighborhood park while on our walk and put you in the baby swing.  You definitely still have some room to grow in it, but you really liked it and I think we'll spend a lot of time there this summer.  You love the sunshine and fresh air, so we try to get outside whenever we can!


-You made two trips to Burlington this month.  The first was to celebrate Grammy's Birthday and the second was so mommy and daddy could help celebrate a friend's birthday.  You got in lots of good snnuggles.

-You had your first St. Patty's Day celebration.  We went to the uptown St. Patty's Parade.  You made a new friend with a little girl who stood next to us.  She wanted to share her beads with you.  We did lots of walking and even went down to the festival.  You were worn out from all the excitement and were passed out as soon as you got in the car!

-We also celebrated your first Easter this month.  We spent the day at home with Grandad and Gigi and had a wonderful time. 

-You are the light of our lives, sweet girl.  We love you to the moon and stars and back.  XOXO


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  1. Awww, she just keeps getting cuter! Happy 7 months, E!

    I nominated you for a Liebster blog award if you want to join the fun. ;-)