Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hoppy Easter!

Hope everyone had a very Happy Easter!

We'd been hearing for days that Easter was going to be a rainy mess, but it turned out to be a really nice day!

The Easter Bunny was good to E this year.  She got lots of fun treats...a Jelly Cat bunny with monogrammed ear, sunglasses from Janie and Jack, a bath book, finger puppets, bubbles, pink ballerina bunny jammies, an Easter egg bib, yogurt melts, blueberry puffs, snack traps, and a new sippy cup.  I love her ruffled basket liner and basket from PB Kids.  I went back and forth on what kind of basket to get her and am so glad I went with this one! She was the cutest little thing. She pulled every little thing out of her basket, and immediately stuck it in her mouth. I mean, isn't that that you do with your new toys? She sat and played with all her goodies and basket for at least half an hour! Buddy got a fun new toy that has an empty water bottle inside.  So now, he has his own noisy giraffe to compete with Sophie.



Jeff and Cindy joined us for a delicious Easter lunch. I made Paula Deen's banana pudding and y'all, it was just as tasty as you might imagine. I'm going to have to send the leftovers to work with Barrett because I could seriously put a hurting on the entire pan.


Ellie Belle was in the sweetest, snuggliest (probably not a word), giggliest (also probably not a word) mood all day! She is a true blessing. I am so excited for next year's Easter. I foresee some serious egg hunting in our future!



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  1. Ellie looked so cute for her first Easter! Don't you just love Janie and Jack? I seriously feel sorry for anyone who doesn't have access to that store. I have really been enjoying shopping on the girl side more lately although I do think that side is more expensive. Glad you all had a good Easter here in Charlotte!