Monday, September 16, 2013

Football and Fevers

This past weekend, we headed out of Charlotte.  Barrett and I went to Greenville for the ECU vs VT game and Ellie Belle went to Burlington to spend the weekend with Grammy and Pop Pop.  B and I spent the night in Greenville Friday (after dropping E in Burlington) because the game was at noon on Saturday and we needed to start tailgating at 8:00 am?!  Don't judge.  Barrett and I haven't been to a game together in almost two years!  We were season ticket holders since we graduated, but didn't buy them last year because E was a teeny newborn and didn't get them this year because we didn't think she was quite ready for all the fun!  Next year, we'll be back at it though with the Boo Boo in tow!  The game was fun, but we didn't pull out the W so that was a bummer.  The weather was beautiful though, even chilly in the morning, and it was great to see so many good friends and our family!

After the game we were anxious to get back to Boo Boo, so we decided to just head the two hours back to Burlington and be closer to home for the drive on Sunday.  I'm so glad we decided to go back because Ellison ended up not feeling so hot.  She started running a fever on Saturday morning and has had one pretty consistently since then.  She's also been extra sleepy and snuggly.  I took her to see Dr. Washburn this morning and it turns out my poor little peanut has a double ear infection.  Sad face.  So, E and I are spending the day napping and snuggling.  Please say prayers that her antibiotics kick in quickly and she starts to feel better very soon!  Hope y'all had a great weekend!


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