Monday, September 16, 2013

Kittens, Cots, and Tiny Chairs

Ellie Boo is officially in the 12-18 month class at school.  She got booted from the Kangaroos and became a Kitten the week after Labor Day!  She seems like such a big girl now!  She sleeps on a cot!  A cot!!!  The first day she didn't sleep a wink, but day 2 she slept for almost two and half hours and has done that everyday since!  They all sleep together on their cots at the same time and it's just simply amazing.  I was seriously shocked.  They also eat at tiny tables and chairs!  It is the cutest.  E was definitely ready to move classrooms.  I think she was way understimulated in the infant classroom.  All of the other kiddos were considerably younger than her and she was pretty bored.  She's so happy in her new class!  I swear she tries to tell me everything she did during the day when I pick her up in the afternoons!  She points at everything!  One day we picked her up and she was walking around the room carrying a purse on each arm during dress up play. 

Too. Much. Cute.

We have been so pleased with her new class and her new teachers.  Ellison is thriving.  In a perfect world, I'd get to stay home with her all day long everyday and teach her things and play with her.  But, since that's not our reality, we feel very lucky to have found a school that has been so wonderful.

She'll only be a Kitten for about 6 months.  Guess what the requirement is for graduating to the next class?!  Drinking from a cup with no lid!  At 18 months!  I say great...let her spill milk on your floor until she figures it out!  Want to potty train her for me too?!  :-)

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  1. That is so awesome...all of the above! I'm going to sign Will up so they can teach him how to nap and drink from a cup. These people must have degrees in miracle working! How do you get 1 year olds to all nap at the same time???