Sunday, October 6, 2013

Starting My Own Business!

Oh, hey friends. Sorry about falling off the face of the planet. Been working on some big things (more on that in a second) and blogging took a back seat for a minute.

This weekend was pretty low key. We went to a cookout at a friends house, got Ellison a new car seat, grocery shopped... 

Oh, and I starred my own business!  

I am over the top elated, so excited to say that I've officially made one of the best decisions ever!!  I am starting my own business by joining Rodan + Fields - a world renowned and respected skin care line by the doctors who developed Proactiv!  What they did for acne they're now doing for aging skin!  Only this time, instead of infomercials, they're bringing their products to the masses by giving people like me the opportunity to start virtual franchises!  

I am a child life specialist. I love my job and am so blessed to be able to work with such amazing children and families on a daily basis. It is truly my passion and I can not imagine ever leaving it. Unfortunately, child life specialists don't fall too high on the salary charts and there's very little room for growth within my profession. I had been looking for a way to supplement my family's income when my great friend (and now mentor!) Mollie told me all about the amazing experience she was having with Rodan + Fields. When I found out that I could get in on the ground floor, partner with a billion dollar brand, work around my family's schedule, and have the chance to make a significant amount of money to help support my family...I was in!!  The fact that this is a no party business and that I don't have to keep boxes of inventory at my house is just icing on the cake!

The best part of my amazing new adventure (other than having phenomenal looking skin!) is that you can try one of the regimens with no risk because they have an awesome 60 day empty bottle money back guarantee!!  What do you have to lose?!  So if you, like me, want beautiful, refreshed, and youthful looking skin, leave a comment or visit my website below for more details!!  Here's to great skin!


  1. Hey there! I found your blog through Kelly's Korner linkup on Friday! :) I live in Gastonia and am also a working mom, so I just came over to visit. Your baby girl is beautiful!

  2. Transactions in this type of business are pretty laid-back. You only need a capital for the products, then voila! No need to construct or build a store, and no big inventories. Sure this is good for stay-at-home moms who want to earn more. How much is the initial capital for this virtual franchise? Cameron @ ImmediateCapital.com

  3. Seems like you’ve found the perfect business for you. How is it going? Have you earned back the money you spent for the initial capital? I wish everything is working perfectly with your franchise business. Casey Mccoy @ Business Coach San Diego