Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Last Couple of Months...In Pictures :-)

OK...Sat down with my phone and transferred all of my pictures to my computer.  Only took me about 9 weeks to find the time to do that!  :-)  Here are a few fun pics from the last couple of months.

Sweet Buddy enjoying some sunshine

Matt confirming his distaste for the NCSU Wolfpack.

"Everybody's hands go up!"

Me and Jenna

Go Pirates!

Me and Claire

Barrett perfecting his game.

Me and Rach

Homecoming/Birthday Weekend!

Happy Birthday Barrett!

Birthday boy and girl...
Happy Birthday Lora!

Birthday cake...thanks Matt and Jenna!


Me, Lora, and Kristi

Our tailgating spot...

Uncle BB and Landon at Chico's

Freeboot Friday

Football and Helmet Cookies!
I was pretty proud of myself.  :-)

Oh!  And I made pumpkin bread too!

My birthday breakfast...Barrett's simply the best.  :-)

And birthday dinner....why is food such a big part of everything I do?

I suppose this is a tradition now...  :-)

My first wearing of the rockstar shades.
Pretty in Pink Baby Shower

Photo Booth

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Love the pictures Rebecs! I feel like I never missed a football game. :) Love and Miss you!!!