Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sweet November

We made it!  Yay!  I can't believe November is here, but I've actually never been happier to see it arrive!  The past few months have been so crazy busy, and I am ready to get things back to normal around here!

October was very eventful...lots of football, lots of birthdays, lots of traveling, lots of fun!

We spent two weekends in Greenville...once for the ECU vs. NC State game.  Go Pirates.  :-)  The next weekend was a doozy!  Not only was it Homecoming (so back to Greenville we went) but it was also birthday weekend!  Yay!

Another year older...Barrett and I both celebrated big.  It was definitely nice to be able to spend some time with family on our birthdays this year.  We spent Barrett's birthday in Greenville...celebrating another Pirate victory.  Matt and Jenna got us a super cute purple and gold birthday cake to celebrate (thanks!) and we had a nice long day out in the sunshine.  That Saturday was also my friend Lora's birthday, so it was fun to be able to celebrate all together.  On Sunday, we zipped back through Raleigh to stop at my sister's house (whose birthday was the previous Thursday) to have birthday breakfast.  Then...we scooted to Burlington to have lunch with my mom and stepdad.  (We did a lot of eating that weekend).  Currently I do not have any pictures available from birthday weekend because I have recently been using my phone as my camera and have not had the time to transfer the hundred or so pictures to my computer.  All in good time...

The next day was my birthday...and unfortunately it was a little sad.  :-(  Not only had I been fighting getting sick for a few days...but I also have class on Mondays, and happened to have a test that day.  So, after running to campus to convince my teacher to give me my test early, I had to go to the doctor...in the rain.  So, even though I had to take a test while sick with soaking wet pant legs...it actually turned out to be a great birthday.  It was SO nice to just be at home!  Barrett and I had lunch at TacoMac (which I may have to blog about another time because I love it so much), we went shopping for my Halloween costume for work, and I got some awesome new shades!  Two pair to be exact...  :-)  The ocean ate my RayBans Labor Day weekend, so my mom and sister gave me gift cards to get a new pair...and Barrett got me the most fun new pair of purple Oakley Frogskins. So now I have some classy shades and some shades that make me feel a bit like a rockstar.  :-)

The Child Life crew at our Halloween Party for the kids. 
We were all different holidays.  :-)

My shades.  :-)

This past weekend we were home!  For the first time since the third weekend in August!  I went to a baby shower for my friend from work Ashlyn.  It was a Pretty in Pink theme and super cute.  There was even a photo booth complete with pink props!  My friend Elyse who moved to California about a year ago came to town for the festivities and we had a blast!  All the girls went to dinner Saturday night and smugly made fun of all the terribly trashy Halloween costumes.  Sunday morning we had a surprise Sprinkle (a mini baby shower for a second baby) for another one of the girls at work.  It was a fun-filled weekend with the Child Life ladies.  I've said it before, but I count my lucky stars that I work with people who I really do love.  Sunday I spent the entire day (literally....8 hours at my computer) studying for another exam.  Because I was doing that, and because Buddy doesn't so much love the doorbell, we cheated a bit on Halloween.  We stuck a bowl of candy out on the front porch with a little note.  At least we weren't the stuffy no fun neighbors who didn't even buy candy.  :-)

A couple of photos from the Pretty in Pink photo shoot!

I'm looking forward to lots of home cooked dinners, some good night's sleep, and getting my house back in order and geared up for the holidays.  Ready or not...here they come!

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  1. You really do look like a rockstar in those purple shades! PS. I made my latest post pic in PURPLE writing in honor of your birthday! Of course, I meant to put it up last week but I was too busy trying to stuff pink objects into a suitcase to blog. :) Come to Cali Soon!
    Stay Pretty Happy Busy!