Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day!

Well, believe it or not...I have a Snow Day today.  Hmmm...weird, considering the fact that hospitals don't close.  I, however, am non-essential staff so I don't have to go in.  What I think that all really means is just that if I'm not there, no one will die, and they don't want me to sue them if I get hurt in an accident.  :-)  Either way...Snow Day!  :-)

That means I have time today to do all of those things I keep putting in the back of my brain.  Pay bills...put together our 2010 photo album...update the blog!

Let's see...what's new?  New Years Resolutions are going great.  I've lost 4 pounds in the last week, which I am calling a huge victory considering "losing weight" wasn't a resolution.  I've been kicking some serious butt on Just Dance and am ready for another challenger...Barrett doesn't think it's as fun as I do.  :-)

I am completely, 100% in love with my Nook.  I was on the fence about it for a while.  I just like real books so much!  But...this thing is great.  I finished my first book on it and I think I maybe read it faster than I normally do!  I read Water for Elephants by Sarah Gruen.  Phenomenal.  Really, really great.  Bonus:  there's a movie coming out this spring.  You all should read it...you won't be disappointed.

This past weekend, Barrett and I went to see a show at the Double Door Inn here in Charlotte.  A guy that he works with is in a band, and our friend Elizabeth was going to be singing with them too.  We went to dinner with my friend Angela at this yummy yummy sushi restaurant called Pisces and then went to the show.  The band was really great!  They played fun, upbeat, folky music.  Elizabeth sang two songs and played the cello on one.  If I could download her on I-tunes, I would.

Me and Angela

Double Door Inn

Elizabeth rocking out on the cello

Saturday, Barrett had to work (boo) and Buddy and I were lazy, lazy, lazy...and it was awesome.  We should do that more often.  Just sit on the couch, read, snuggle, nap, whatever. 

This morning we woke to snow covered roads, yards, trees, cars, etc.  Barrett (surprise, surprise) had to go to work...because apparently the entire financial infrastructure would collapse if they weren't open today.  And Buddy and I...well, essentially have done a lot more being lazy.  :-)  I have, however, taken him on a long walk, started working on our 2010 photo book so we can get that ordered and squared away, and started packing for our trip to Louisiana on Wednesday.  So, I guess that's not really lazy...but I am still in my pajamas.  :-)

Hope everyone is staying warm!


  1. Yay for Snow Day!!! Guess non-essential is a good thing sometimes. :) Wish I could have gone to double door for the show! Did you know they filmed the ski lodge scene from Shallow Hal there? True story. :) Enjoy your day! -elyse

  2. I definitely did not know that little nugget of information. I should have known you'd been there before! Ange, Jenny, and I were all like, "Weird...who even knew this place existed?" We should have expected you! XO

  3. I got a Nook too!... and also LOVE IT!!!! Let me just tell you, it is MUCH easier holding a newborn and the Nook versus a huge book. So smart people!