Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Menu Monday?

Or...What We're Eating Wednesday? Go with it.

Now, I realize I said a while back that I was going to post every Monday about our meals from the past week. The idea was to keep me accountable for my goal of weekly meal planning. Well, I have obviously dropped the ball on the blogging portion of that. However, I have not dropped the ball on the actual meal planning! E's been sick with a bad cold for like three weeks, and then Barrett and I each were gifted with a sinus infection. So, my usual evening blogging time was replaced with bedtime. I know...excuses, excuses.

Anywho - we have been making some yummy goodness over here at the Brooks house. I'll share a few of my faves with a promise to get my life together next week. Most of the recipes are Pinterest finds.  Click the meal name to be directed to the recipe/source.

-Spicy Baked Shrimp: These were yummy...and most definitely spicy. I used Tony's Chachere's and cayenne. Next time, I'll use a touch less olive oil and maybe leave out the cayenne. I don't think they needed it. It might also be good with some sort of cream/half n half to make the sauce a little thicker. We ate them just with a little crusty French bread.

-Shrimp Tacos with Citrus Cabbage Slaw: These were great! I followed the recipe exactly. Side note: it makes a TON of slaw. We could have easily halved the recipe and been good.

-Turkey, Brie, and Apple Paninis: One of my favorite combos. Never disappoints. Toss it on the bread, butter the outside, press, and consume.

-Honey Garlic Pork Chops: These had a really yummy flavor, but they were tough because I cooked them too long because I'm a freak about undercooked pork. Sigh. I also baked these instead of grilling them.  Next time, I'd probably grill them.

-Chicken Chili: Not only was this tasty and hearty, it was super easy to throw together. Everything in the crockpot, low for six hours, call it dinner. I did use frozen chicken breasts, so I drained all the veggies except the tomatoes so it wouldn't be too thin. I didn't add cumin, and I didn't miss it.  I also couldn't be bothered to take a photo before I started inhaling this.  This was a pinterest recipe too...the pin didn't take me anywhere.  I just followed the directions in the pin description.

-Southwest Egg Rolls with Avocado Ranch: Another success, and another recipe that made way too many! I really need to be better about looking into that! I added some shredded chicken because Barrett said he thought they needed some meat (I just bought an already cooked rotisserie chicken because they were on sale). They didn't brown up as beautifully as I would have liked the first go round, but I put leftovers back in the oven to warm them, and they came out crispy delicious. Next time I will half or third the recipe, and I'll probably add less spinach - it was a bit overpowering. I might also add a little more cheese.  The dipping sauce was perfect. I used THIS recipe for the rolls, and THIS recipe for the dip.

-Brie and Cranberry Crostini: We randomly made these as an appetizer one night because I had leftover Brie from our paninis and bread that was getting hard. They were so yummy and if I'd had more Brie I would've eaten my weight in them.

-AND! Sweet Potato Baby Food: I made Ellison like a month worth of baby food for less than $5. It's organic and healthy and yummy. She might turn orange, but she loves it!

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