Friday, February 22, 2013

SUYL - My Favorite Photos

I'm linking up today with Kelly's Korner and her Show Us Your Life series to share some of my favorite pictures. I am a serious picture taker. Serious. We're talking 400-500 photos a month that I'm uploading to Shutterfly. I obviously take lots of pics with my phone because it's handy, but I've also been taking a fair share of pics with the DSLR I got right before Ellison was born. I'm still learning things about my big Canon, but it takes really great shots even with an amateur like me behind the lens. My subject of choice, for the last 6 months at least, has been my Ellie Belle.

While I love taking photos of my family, I still definitely call on a real photographer for life's big events! Here are a few of my favorite poses and shots taken by professionals from the last few years...

**Warning: This is a big time photo heavy post.  If you have no interest, you have my permission to move along now.** :-)

Our Engagement Photos - Freedom Park, Charlotte - Photos by Tim Dennis Photography:

Bridal Portraits - The Duke Mansion, Charlotte - Photos by Tim Dennis Photography:


Wedding Day - Our House, Residence Inn Uptown, The Belk Chapel at Queens University, Roof With A View, Charlotte - Photos by Tim Dennis Photography:






Soon after our wedding, our photographer started focusing on landscape photography.  Good for him...sad for us!  So, we found someone new to capture our moments...

Baby Makes Three - Freedom Park, Our House, Charlotte - Photos by JP Soto:



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  1. Hi, Rebecca! I am hopping over from Kelly's Korner. Interestingly, I posted right after you, and we are both from Charlotte. Haha! I am due to have our first baby girl (after two boys) in June, and your pictures of little Ellie are just precious. I'll be following along on your journey as I always love finding other bloggers from our city. Come on by and check out my blog if you like!