Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year's Eve Fiasco

Y'all. Let me just start by saying that when the day ended on Monday, we were sure glad we got to start fresh in a new year!

It all started with me taking E into the pediatrician for a weight check after that horrific stomach bug. I left the office with the hope that Gigi would be able to come spend the rest of the day with E so I could get back to work. Unfortunately, guess who caught the stomach bug...Gigi. Sad. So, I called Barrett to see if he could come home early. Because it was a holiday, they were already low on staff and he'd just taken a week off for Christmas so there was a lot of work to catch up on. Oh well. So that left me to stay home with E...the person who has about zero time off left after maternity leave!

I asked Barrett to swing by the school on his way home because I'd left all of Ellison's bottles there. I'd had every intention of bringing her back to school after her appointment! Barrett went to school, picked up the bottles, and when he went back outside - the car wouldn't start. Awesome. Ellison and I hopped in the car to go pick him up and he had his car towed to the shop.

On our way back home, we came upon a dog darting in and out of traffic. For my Charlotte peeps, we were on Johnston Rd, at 5:00 pm, on NYE....disaster! The poor thing had his little tail tucked between his legs and a shock collar on with tags. It looked like he'd just busted through his electric fence. He was scared to death, and there was no way I could watch him get hit by a car, so we pulled over to try to coax him over. Barrett got out and tried to get him out of the road. The poor dog wouldn't come anywhere near us. After about ten minutes or so with no luck, the dog ran off into a neighborhood and we lost sight of him. Oh well. At least he wasn't in traffic anymore.

We were just about home when Barrett started feeling his pockets and said, "where's my phone?". You gotta be kidding me. So, thank God for the Find My iPhone app. We located it. On the side of the road, where we'd tried to help that darn dog!!

At this point, E's screaming in the backseat because she's starving. So I went home with her and Barrett headed back out to find his phone. Luckily, he found it and it was working. Unluckily, it had been run over by a car and was shattered.

Seriously. I can't make this stuff up! So, we had Wendy's for dinner and went to bed at 9:00. It was time for that day to be over! Happy New Year!

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