Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I heard on tv this weekend (maybe on the Today show?) that most people who make New Years resolutions will still be at least partially following them in June. Good for them. I have never been one to keep a resolution. I've been making the same basic resolution for the last 15 years or so...eat better/lose weight/be more active/go to the gym. I mean really, probably since high school, as soon as body image became an obsession. Who really keeps those resolutions though? If I had to guess, I'd say not many. That's why the gym is packed on January 2 and empty by February.

This year, I'm setting a few goals. They carry much less pressure. I want to start meal planning. I want to sit down on Sundays, figure out what we want to have for the week, make a grocery list, and only buy those items. This will be great for a couple of reasons...we should save money because I won't be buying randomness at the store, we won't be eating out as much, and we won't be throwing away food because it expires before we get to it. It should also keep me from buying unhealthy things at work for lunch because we should have lots to of yummy leftovers! I started this weekend by cleaning out and taking inventory of everything in our kitchen. We've got a full week of meals planned and I'm excited to really try to stick to this plan.

I also want to run a 5k this year. I've said it before...I am NOT a runner. I despise cardio. It is not fun for me. But, I know it's good for me, so I'm going to try to suck it up and just do it. I've got the Couch to 5K app downloaded on my phone and a race I'm interested in doing this April. Next step will be signing up and paying my registration fee!

So, hopefully these are a little more feasible. I don't think I'll feel stressed about these. No pressure. :-)

You guys making resolutions or goals this year? Come on...everybody's doing it!


  1. First, the meal planning is much easier than you would think. I usually try to look at sites such as Real Simple, Skinnytaste, or Pinterest a few days prior to grocery shopping. Then I take inventory of what we have and can make meals out of. We usually only spend about $100 per week at the store and have enough meals for the week.

    Second, good for you to consider trying running. I'm tellin ya'...you'll get addicted, especially after running a race. The adrenaline was so fun and running with all those people is a great motivator! I used the C25k plan and listen to the podcast on Running Into Shape which has pretty upbeat and new music. Good luck!:)

  2. Rebecca! Great goals- i think you will do fantastic with both. If you are serious about the 5k- send me the information and i will run it with you. One of my goals this year is to run a race as well. xoxo