Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Weigh in Monday (Tuesday)

Well...last week was a bust. I fell off the wagon. I definitely did not expect a loss...

This Week: -0 lbs
Total loss: -6.5 lbs

I did expect a gain though, so breaking even was a nice surprise. I have lots of excuses...lots!  But, mostly my problem was not tracking. A bite here and a bite there can turn into a big ole mess if you're not careful!  Another problem was that I didn't stick to any meal plans, for lunch or dinner. 

This week isn't turning out to look too promising either. I'm going out tomorrow with friends to see NKOTB/98*/Boyz 2 Men...we at going out for Mexican before and I know I'll want a yummy adult beverage or two (three?). 

Barrett and I are going to Savannah for a four day weekend getaway, and I intend to eat good, butter laden, low country food. 

I've been trying extra hard to make smart breakfast/lunch/dinner choices the rest of the week through.  I went to barre class last night too. Fingers crossed for not too much damage by next week's weigh in. 

Back on the wagon big time next week!!

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