Sunday, May 6, 2012

22 Week OB Appointment

On Wednesday, 5/2 we had our 22 week OB appointment.  We had another ultrasound (which makes 4 and makes us happy because we get new pictures of Ellison) because they didn't get a great look at her heart during our 18 week ultrasound.  To use the ultrasound tech's words, she was perfect. Her heartrate was right at 143.5 BPM.  Healthy heart, happy baby.  She was doing lots of scooting around, and she looks so big on the ultrasounds now!  Before, we could get a peek at her from head to toe in one shot easily and now she fills up the whole screen!  She's sitting frank breach right now, with her head up near my bellybutton and her legs up in front of ther face...folded in half.  She has plenty of time and space to keep moving around though!  We even got to see her yawning on the ultrasound which was so fun!  It's just another confirmation that she is developing and growing bigger day by day!

This appointment was the first in which we started meeting the other physicians in the office.  There are 8 in all, 4 men and 4 women.  We met Dr. Alyse Kelly-Jones and she was really nice (for the 2 minutes we spent with her!)  Since we're at 22 weeks now, they'll start measuring my fundal height at each appointment...the length between the top of my pubic bone and the top of my uterus in centimeters.  The number of centimeters should equal the number of weeks pregnant and we are right where we should be.  According to the scale in the office, I've gained 13.5 pounds.  This appointment was at 3:00 pm though and my other appointments have been at 9:00 am, so I'm thinking I might actually be right at 12 pounds gained.  Either way, Ellison's happy and healthy and I feel really good!  Less than 18 weeks till we get to meet our baby girl and another 4 weeks till our next appointment!  Tick tock...

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  1. Love these pictures :) We go for our anatomy scan tomorrow and I can't even stand the wait!