Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Baby Kicks

It's official, Little Miss Ellison is kicking up  a storm in there!  Last Wednesday, at 23 weeks 3 days, Barrett got to feel our baby girl kicking too!  For a few days prior, I'd been thinking it might be coming soon.  Her kicks and wiggles felt a little more deliberate and a little stronger.  I knew that I definitely felt her more, but I wasn't sure if anyone else would be able to feel her quite yet.  I got home a little late after having dinner with a friend and joined Barrett up in the nursery where he'd been working on taping the room to be painted.  I laid down on the floor with Buddy, and our Ellie Bean start bouncing around like crazy!  I took a chance and told Barrett to come over and see if he could feel her. Almost on command, she gave him a good kick!  It was such an awesome moment!  I am so, so happy that Barrett gets to feel her too now.  It's so great to know that she's getting bigger and stronger.  We were sitting out by the pool this weekend, and Ellison was wiggling around a good bit.  I was sitting in a chair reading, and I swore my belly was moving.  I laid my book on my belly, told Barrett to watch, and Ellison kicked hard enough to move my book a few times!  Sometimes, I can even poke at her a little and get her to poke back!  I'm not sure there's anything better than these sweet little nudges. 

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