Saturday, November 10, 2012

Daycare Orientation

Yesterday we went to Ellison's school for new parent orientation. We'd been before for a tour, so we new what to expect, but this time was definitely different because we're actually getting close to bringing her there. Ellison came with us and was so well behaved! She played in her carrier, snuggled with us a bit, and napped. She even went about four hours without wanting a bottle.

We're very happy with the center. She is in a classroom with about 15 babies and 5 teachers. So, their ratio is 1:3 which is better than the state mandated 1:5. The classroom goes up to 12 months, so she'll be with her teachers until her first birthday. They really do a good job of listening to the babies' cues and following their schedules. They also focus on developing fine and gross motor skills.

We are going to do a practice run next Monday and Tuesday so that my first day back at work and her first time at school won't be the same day. While I know that I will be so sad to drop her off, I feel so much better knowing she's right across the street and I can pop in to see her whenever I'd like. I think she'll learn a lot and I think it will be good for her to be around other children. In a perfect world, I'd stay home with her all day everyday until she's 30...but that's not reality!

Say special prayers for us that it will be a smooth transition!

Oh...and our Ellie Bean turned 10 weeks old too! Where has the time gone?! There was a six and eight week old on our orientation and it's really amazing to think how much she's grown and learned in the last month!

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