Sunday, November 4, 2012

First Night in the Crib

Ellison spent her first night in her own room last night! She was 9 weeks and 1 day old. She'd been sleeping in our room in her Rock & Play. We'd been talking about transitioning her for a few weeks, and last night we finally bit the bullet. We were waiting until we bought a sound machine that would stay on all night. As much as I love her Sleep Sheep, it turns off after 45 minutes, and the silence is deafening! As soon as it turns off, she starts to stir. She definitely uses it as a sleep cue and falls asleep pretty quickly when she hears it, but she is also used to the noise so wakes easily when the noise goes away.

We are happy to report that she did really well for her first night! She was sleeping by 10:00, woke at 3:45 to eat, and was back down again from 4:15 to about 6:30. She looks so tiny in her big crib! Barrett and I slept better too because we weren't waking up at every little squirm. I know that she'll be used to her new sleep space very soon and that we will all be feeling much more rested!

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