Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Heavy Hearts...

It has been a terrible couple of days for some very dear friends of ours. My best friend and her sister lost their father in a tragic fishing accident off the coast of NC on Monday. He was an avid fisherman and loved being at the beach. Sometimes it just doesn't matter how much experience you have. Terrible things shouldn't happen to great people. It's simply not fair.

He was such a wonderful man. He loved his family with his whole being. If you believe in soul mates, he found his and they had an enviable marriage for more than 25 years. Say special prayers for her. She didn't only lose her husband, she lost her very best friend. He was kind and generous and he passed those wonderful traits on to his daughters. His blue eyes and bright smile could truly light up a room His first grandchild is due at the end of February. I know that little one will shine with the same light he did. I don't know that he ever met a stranger. His friends were like family. He will be sorely missed.

Please include this special family and all who were blessed to know him in your thoughts and prayers.

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