Monday, August 5, 2013

Eleven Months

Dear Ellison -

Eleven months. How are we here?!  I can't even wrap my brain around the fact that in less than a month you'll be a year old. Everyday with you is a brand new adventure. You've been keeping us on our toes!  Here's what you've been up to this month...

A couple weeks ago, you went to the doctor because I swore you had an ear infection. You were completely healthy. We did find out that you're right at 20.5 lbs now. 

You're wearing mostly 9 month clothes and a few 12 month. I think you are getting taller and skinnier these days.  You wore a pair of shorts the other day that were definitely bigger around the waist on you than the last time you wore them!  You're so busy now that I think you're just burning more calories!  You're just about too tall for your 9 month footie pajamas, so we'll probably be moving to 12 month in those very soon.

You are comfortably in size 3 shoes and are able to finally wear most of them now.  You have to wear them to school everyday, so we definitely are getting good use out of them!

We moved up to size 4 diapers, but you're really in between a 3 and a 4.  The 3's were getting a little snug and you even peed out of them a couple of times over night.  The 4's are pretty roomy still though!

You are eating pretty much everything now except for nuts/nut butters, beef, honey, milk, and fish.  You have zero interest in being spoon fed.  You would much, much rather feed yourself!  This usually causes a huge mess, but I know you're learning and are gaining independence, so I'm trying to overlook the crumbs and mush everywhere! 

You are loving your sippy cups.  We are sending three sippy cups and one bottle to school now.  you still get your wake up and bedtime bottle.  We are going to be working this month on slowly getting rid of those two and switching to all sippy cups.

You finally figured out how to eat out of a pouch!  You have really enjoyed applesauce with strawberries.

You have also figured out that Buddy will eat pretty much anything you drop on the floor.  I've caught you looking around for him and purposefully dropping food on the floor!  He waits around very patiently for your meal times and can always be found hanging out at the foot of your high chair!

You're loving sharing food with Mommy and Daddy now too.  You especially like to share soggy food that's already been in your mouth!

You have been taking marathon naps!  When we're at home, you have been pretty consistently taking three hour naps.  They're great because you're super rested and happy and we are able to get lots done around the house, but I do wish you'd nap a little later in the day.  Napping from 11-2 really takes a huge chunk out of the middle of our day!  Naps at school are still almost nonexistent!

You're still sleeping every night from around 7:15-7:00.

The first week of July, you started standing on your own.  You always looked so proud and would even clap for yourself most of the time!  On July 14, you took two steps all by yourself!  You are getting braver and braver by the minute!  You'll take a couple of steps between your daddy and me and then just lunge into our arms!  You are a cruising machine and have started "wall walking."  You'll find a nice big wall and just scoot your way down to the next corner!  You are also a great climber.  You like to climb the stairs and over anything that's in your way!


You give the sweetest, sloppiest kisses!  Open mouth and all in!  You will also blow kisses which makes me just melt.  You have started to want to give hugs and snuggle, but you're also starting to bite!  I like to think they're just test bites to see if things are edible!  You've got 8 teeth, 4 on top and 4 on bottom, and at least one more on the way!

I changed my schedule around at work and have been working 3 12-hour shifts per week.  This has given us lots of extra time together to do fun things!  We went to story time at the library a few times and you really loved it!  We also spent lots of time at the Splash Park and in the pool.  You are absolutely a water baby!  You've recently started leaning over to blow bubbles with your mouth in the water and it's just the cutest thing I've ever seen! 


You celebrated your first 4th of July.  We spent the afternoon by the pool and hanging around the house.  It was actually a pretty rainy day!  You were sound asleep by the time fireworks started!

We took a family beach trip to North Topsail Beach with Uncle Matt, Aunt Jenna, Landon, and Lola.  We had the best time!  We are looking forward to watching the cousins grow up together and plan to make the beach trip a yearly event!

You spent a weekend away at Grammy and Pop Pop's house so your daddy and I could get the house in order!  We got lots of things done here, and you had a blast as usual in Burlington.

You and I went to Burlington a second time this month to see Lora and baby William.  There are many, many play dates in your future with him!

You love dogs.  I think Buddy is your favorite friend.  When we're out on walks and you see a dog, you start to point and get excited. 

You also have a new found love for your closet.  You point to the doors and once their opened, you like to sit in the floor and pull books, blankets, and toys off the shelves.  You have a big, pink teddy bear on the top shelf and you get very excited when we pull it down. You give it big hugs and climb all over it!

You are also still loving the outdoors and stroller rides.

Some other things you love that aren't so safe are: outlets (they're baby proof plugged, but you still find them!), cords (especially the fan pulls...you're obsessed), standing in the bath tub, and the little white end on the door stop springs.

You wore your first two piece jammies without feet!  You were super cute in them, and it's just one more little sign that you're becoming a big girl!

You got your first big bruise this month.  You were climbing over a big floor pillow at school, lost your balance, and bonked your forehead on the window sill! 

You are making lots of mouth noises!  You blow raspberries and make what we call elephant sounds!  You also flip your finger over your lips and make a kind of "bwee bwee bwee" sound!

I believe your starting to truly associate your daddy with DaDa, me with MaMa, and Buddy with BuhBuh or DeeDee.  You also pretty consistently sign the word milk when we ask if you'd like some.

It is so apparent that you're becoming more of a toddler and less of a baby everyday.  It makes me a little sad, but we are so proud of you and all that you're learning!  You are the light of our lives.  We love you to the moon and stars and back again.  Happy 11 months, little love.





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  1. Love and miss you all. Such a sweet post as always!