Friday, August 16, 2013

Five on Friday

Linking up for the first time today with Five on Friday!  Here's what's floating through my head...

1 - Rain, rain go away.  I was so pumped to hear that we were going to have 70* weather this weekend...and I had today off!  Total bummer to find out that it's supposed to rain all weekend.  Ugh.  Ellison and I spent a lot of time making a toy mess in the house today.  Saying prayers for a break in the rain this weekend so we can get outside!  If not, there may be some mall walking in our future.

2 - I'm going out on Saturday!  Like out, out.  Dinner and drinks with the girls.  Some of my coworkers and I are taking another coworker out for a "bachelorette" party.  She never had one, so five years later, it's a good excuse to head uptown and pretend like I'm 23!

3 - Ellison is full on walking now.  It's most definitely her most preferred method of travel now.  She's still a little wobbly, but she makes it work.  During our crappy weather shut in today, I had to make barricades out of the dining room chairs to try to corral her a bit!

4 - We're one week out from E's first birthday party.  I am in the zone...final crafts in the works, grocery list made, and camera battery charged.  We've got family starting to come in on Sunday, and I just can not believe she's been here almost a year!  She's also only drinking out of sippy cups during the day and likes to hold my hand and walk on her own when I pick her up from school.  My baby isn't a baby.  Sad face.

5 - Tonight I'm sitting on our couch with the hubby and drinking beer and eating homemade hot honey buffalo wings.  I'm also still in my jammies.   See number one above...this is a judgment free zone.

Happy Weekend Y'all.  :-)


  1. I'll switch weather with you. I love the rain!!

    We are having Elyanah's party next weekend too! Happy Borthday to your little one!

  2. New to your blog but I love #5! My husband and I love to stay in a catch up on shows as a date night. I am also from near Charlotte so I understand about the weather. We went to the movies last night and I actually wore a long sleeve shirt.

  3. I know what you mean about the weather. I am so sick of the rain! I know you are excited about E's first birthday party although I know how hard it is watching little ones grow up so fast. I can't wait to see pictures, and I know it will be fun. I love finding other NC bloggers like you, and I wish I could find more. I made a little blog last night that I hope can become a place for NC bloggers to come together and read and share about life in our state. I thought you may be interested in joining in. Check it out and follow along at: http://tarheelbloggers.blogspot.com/

    Also, feel free to spread the word to any other NC blog friends! I hope to start adding link ups to allow us to share our stories with one another more easily. :-)