Thursday, August 1, 2013

July in a Nutshell

This month has been busy busy!  My last post was E's 10 month update and she's 11 months today!  Yikes!  We've been having lots of fun. We spent some time at the pool, the splash pad, story time at the library, and have been to the beach. Ellison is so so close to walking!  She has been keeping us on our toes for sure!  I have been a whirlwind getting ready for her first birthday party, which makes me want to cry every time I think about it because I can't believe my baby's pretty much a toddler. Sad face. Here's a little photo dump from the last month...

We spent the afternoon of the 4th of July by the pool. I worked for a few hours that morning and Barrett and the Boo Boo came up to the hospital to visit me. Then we had a lazy afternoon, grilled out for dinner, and called it an early night!

Boo Boo went to Burlington to spend the weekend with Grammy and Pop Pop so Barrett and I could deep clean the house. We had high hopes of getting our house put on the market, but we did not get good enough news from the realtor about what we could realistically expect to sell for. Oh well. We don't have to sell so we are definitely not going to take a loss on it. Maybe next year. 

We've been keeping cool at the pool and splash pad. E is definitely a water baby!

Ellison and I went to Burlington one Saturday night to visit Grammy and Pop Pop and visit with our sweet friends Lora and baby William. This is E and William on their first date... 

We just had a wonderful weekend in North Topsail Beach for the first annual Brooks' family beach trip!  Big post and HUGE photo dump coming up on that!  For now, indulge yourself with the cutie cousins below!

Hopefully I'll get Ellisons 11 month update up before her birthday! Sorry for being a blog slacker. I'll do better. Pinky promise. :-)

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