Saturday, April 21, 2012

Baby Flutters

On Thursday night, at 20 weeks and 4 days, I felt my first little baby flutters!  I had just eaten dinner (and crushed a banana pudding milkshake from Chik-fil-a) and started to feel a little something that I thought might be Ellison wiggling around.  I wasn't sure at first, but it kept on for a little while, so I told Barrett that I thought I finally felt her!  He was pumped, and pulled out the video camera.  :-)

It's the happiest, sweetest, most awsome feeling in the whole wide world.  I'd heard people describe it in different ways...like gas bubbles or swimming fish.  To me, it was almost like a little vibration...like being kissed by butterfly wings.  I've felt her a little each day since then...usually after I eat.  I had a real live latte this morning (my first real coffee drink in about 4 months) and she really got a little crazy after that!  Her little flutters are so sweet now!  I can't wait for Barrett to be able to feel her too, but for now I'm enjoying this little time we have for just us.

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  1. YAY! That is so exciting! I cannot wait to feel Charlotte - very jealous! How sweet of Barrett; he is going to be a great daddy :) I can already see it now - he's going to be wrapped around her little finger.