Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Week 19

Dear Baby Brooks,
You are 19 weeks old now!  You should be weighing in now at about 9 ounces and measure about 6 inches.  You're the size of a large heirloom tomato.  :-)  Your sensory development is in full swing and at this point you should be able to hear our voices!  Here are the little details of the week.

How Far Along?  Nineteen Weeks...147 days to go!

Weight Gain? About 7 pounds.

Sleep? Sleep is OK.  I am getting up to pee more in the middle of the night and I've had a terrible cough this week that's keeping me (and probably Barrett and Buddy) awake all night.

Miss Anything?  I've really been wanting some good sushi lately!!

Movement?  A few days ago I thought I might have felt a little something.  It definitely felt like little butterfly wings, and the moment sort of passed before I realized what was happening.  I haven't really felt anything since though, so maybe I wasn't really feeling anything!  I think I've been trying to pay more attention lately though! 

Food Cravings?  I think I may have had my first official realy craving a few days ago.  Out of the complete blue, I really wanted some hot wings.  Not just any old hot wings.  Hot Honey wings from Fox & Hound.  Don't know where that came from, but guess where we went for dinner that night? :-)

Any Aversions?  Still eggs.  Poor eggs/

Gender? It's a GIRL!!!

Symptoms?  My allergies have been raging, angry beasts this week.  My eyes itch.  My ears itch. My throat itches.  I'm congested and coughing and relatively miserable.  I've got about 3 solid minutes after I take Benadryl before I'm passed out for 8 hours, so that's not really a daytime remedy option for me.  Claritin's never really done it for me either, so I'm just trying to tough it out with lots of water (which, in turn, sends me to the bathroom about 64 times a day) and cough drops. 

Best Moment this Week?  Narrowing down our list of baby names for our baby girl!  Now that we know what we're having, this process can finally come to an end!! We've also decided on our accents colors and "theme" for the nursery.  I have become completely obsessed with Etsy and use every spare moment to browse around!  We also added a few more things to our registry this week.  Adding some pink goodies to the list was definitely fun!

Looking Forward To...  Getting the room downstairs finished up!  We are in the final painting stages and then the door can go in and we'll be set to go!  I am very, very ready to start clearing out the nursery so we can start filling it with baby goodness!

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