Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Week 18

Dear Baby Brooks,

You are 18 weeks old now!  According to our latest doctor's appointment on April 4, you weigh 8 ounces...a whole half a pound!  You are kicking and punching and flexing your little muscles like crazy!  Here are the little details of the week...

How Far Along?  Eighteen Weeks...154 days to go!

Weight Gain? About 7 pounds.

Sleep? Sleep is still great. I'm sleeping like a rock!

Miss Anything? Not much!

Movement?  I don't think so!  Of course, I'm not 100% sure what it should feel like, so I may have felt something and just not realized it yet!  My doctor said I definitely should in the next couple of weeks though.  Baby is kicking and punching up a storm!  My placenta is up and to the back, so there is nothing cushioning me from feeling any movement.  Can't wait!

Food Cravings?  Still fruit.  I have had my fair share of sweets lately though.  Working in healthcare is terrible for your waistline!  No one ever brings in veggies trays or a fruit basket, but we've got plenty of cupcakes, cookies, and candy to last us a lifetime!  I think I may seriously be sick of it though.  The last thing I can think about eating right now is another baked good!

Any Aversions?  Still eggs.  It's really not the thought of eating them, I just think they smell so bad!  And, the chicken thing may be coming back.  I was reading one of the baby books, and they compared the baby at this stage to "that chicken breast you may be having for dinner."  Really?

Gender?  It's a GIRL!!!

Symptoms?  Still stuffy.  Other than that, I really feel great!  Can't complain!!

Best Moment this Week?  Finding out that we'll be welcoming a baby girl to the family in September!!  Getting to see our baby girl moving all about on the ultrasound and hearing that everything looks perfect is so amazing!!

Looking Forward To...  Finally getting focused!!  Now that we know baby is a girl, we feel like we can really get down to business!!  I think I've got the nursery all planned out in my head, so I'm excited to start browsing around for accessories.  We are also going to nail down a name for this little one very soon!!  Barrett is going to the Masters this weekend, and he is super pumped.  I have made myself a little appointment for a prenatal massage while he's gone and am starting a prenatal yoga class tomorrow.  We are taking full advantage of this feeling good second trimester!  We've got lots of work ahead of us and are so, so excited to keep rolling!

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