Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Polka dots, ruffles, ribbons, and pearls.
Oh, thank heaven for sweet baby girls!
We are so excited to finally know that we will be welcoming a beautiful baby girl into our family this September!  We are so happy to finally know...we feel like we can really focus and get down to business!  It was such a wonderful day!  Barrett met me over at the doctor's office for our appointment this morning.  We went straight back to the ultrasound room, the tech asked if we wanted to know the sex, we said absolutely, and it was the first picture we saw!  I knew right away when I saw the view that we were having a girl!  We are pumped...especially because that little hint we got about six weeks ago was right on the money so we've already caught ourselves slipping and saying she/her.  Now, we won't have to retrain our brains!! 
The rest of the appointment was wonderful as well.  Baby girl has a strong heartbeat at 154 BPM.  All of her major organs and body systemns look perfect.  The only thing we didn't get a great picture of was her heart.  We saw that there were four chambers divided appropriately and the heartbeat was regular.  There just wasn't an awesome picture because she had her little arms up in front of her face the whole time.  Because her bones are calcifying, the ultrasound waves can't "see" through them.  So, we'll get another ultrasound at our 22 week checkup.  She is weighing in at 8 ounces...a whole half a pound!  And, she's measuring right on track.  I'm 18 weeks and 3 days right now, and she is measuring 18 weeks and 2 days.  Baby girl is nice and cozy too.  She's cuddled in and was sucking on her fingers pretty much the whole time.  :-)
Last night, I went to the store and bought pink and blue dove chocolates to pass out at work once we both got back from the appointment.  When people asked what the baby was going to be, we'd pass on a yummy pink wrapped chocolate.  :-)
The girls I work with rock socks, and at lunch they surprised me with a pink balloon and yummy cupcakes from Polka Dot Bake Shop (my fave).
Needless to say, we are completely smitten!  We can not wait to meet baby girl!!

Next project...name this little nugget!

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