Tuesday, February 28, 2012

First Doctors Appointment

Dear Baby Brooks -

FINALLY! We had our first doctor's appointment to check up on you on Tuesday, January 24. We had waited two whole weeks to find out some more information on you so we were super excited to learn more! Dr. Louise Rogers is going to be taking care of all of us for the next 200 days or so. She is fabulous. We love her and know that we are all in wonderful hands.

Daddy met me at the appointment and we got to find out so much about you! Unexpectedly, we got to have an ultrasound! We had no idea we'd get to actually see you that day, so it was such a pleasant surprise! We found out that I was exactly 8 weeks and 2 days pregnant with you. Your little heart was so strong! It was beating at 171 BPM which the doctor said was fabulous! So, now we know that your due date is September 2...Labor Day Weekend.

We can not wait to meet you!! About three more weeks and we can share the news with the world!

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