Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sharing the News...With a Select Few!

Dear Baby Brooks - 

Stop number 2 on the baby train was telling your grandparents that we were having a baby. The thing about your grandparents is that everyone is kind of spread out. Gammie and Kenny (we don't have an official grandparent name for him yet) live in Burlington, Noni and Pops live in Louisiana, Nana and the Dude live in Florida, and Grandad and GiGi are in Waxhaw. We weren't sure of exactly the next time we were going to see everyone but we were itching to share the wonderful news of you! We decided to involve your brother in the mix. Mommy made Buddy a bandana to wear that said Big Brother. Our plan was to send the picture to everyone to break the big news. Here's Buddy -
Handsome fella, isn't he? :-) We sent it to Gammie and Nana, and neither one of them got it at first. Gammie thought Buddy was going to be some kind of helper dog and her second guess was that we were getting a puppy. Nana thought we had made a cape for cousin Landon because Lola was going to be born in the next few weeks. Eventually, a lightbulb went off in their heads and they figured out that Buddy, was in fact, going to be a big brother...to a human baby! They were both so excited! As luck would have it, Pops was coming into town from Louisiana the very next week, so we waited to tell him in person. Once he was here, we sent Buddy downstairs to show off his new outfit. It took him a few seconds for it to register, but Pops figured it out pretty fast! Then we sent Buddy's picture to Aunt Rachel. She figured it out right away and said, "We have so much to do! We need to buy books, and blankets, and chairs!" Chairs? Huh? Silly Aunt Rachel. Then we proceeded to tell Uncle Matt and Aunt Jenna, Noni, Grandad and GiGi. Everyone is really very excited to meet you and they call to check on you all the time!

We are counting the days until we can tell everyone else our wonderful secret too!

Mommy & Daddy

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