Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Weekend Fun: Picnics and Soggy Golf

This weekend was busy busy! Saturday, I worked. Not your average, run of the mill day at the office though. It was the day of our annual NICU Reunion and Blume Peds Hematology/Oncology picnics! It is always such a wonderful day. A time for families, many of whom have faced our worst nightmares, to come together and enjoy each others company outside of the hospital walls. There's fun and food and lots of love. The weather wasn't ideal, but the rain held off for the most part. Ellison and Barrett even ventured out to see me and to meet a few of the special families I'm blessed to work with.

Sunday, Barrett and I headed out to Quail Hollow for the Wells Fargo Golf Tournament. I bought tickets for Barrett as a fourth anniversary gift. The weather didn't get the memo though...it was quite the cold, wet day! We were prepared though and went out, bundled up and enjoyed the final round. E stayed home with Gigi and Grandad where it was nice and warm. And dry! The tourney ended way early because everyone had teed off by 8:45 (to try and beat the worst of the weather). We saw that 22 year old fella win it and then headed back out to Ballantyne.

Smiles despite the weather!

Breaking rules...photos at the Wells Fargo are frowned upon.  Secret photo ops are a must

Oh, Hey Phil.  Sorry it didn't work out buddy.

Congrats 22 year old, ranked 1,000 something in the world player.  Good for you big guy.

We thought we'd have one more beer and let the crowd disperse.  Not so much.  Took us 45 minutes to get back on the shuttle!
We popped into Fox and the Hound for a margarita and some chips and salsa.  Hey, who needs an actual, crowded Mexian restaurant?  This little gem -

The "Coronarita" - was terrible.  Yuck.  Who thought this drink combo would be a good idea?  I'll stick to just a beer or just a margarita, thank you very much.

So, a fun and busy weekend, but definitely not restful! Hoping to get to bed early this week to catch up a little! Hope you all had a great weekend too! Now, let's all say a little prayer for some sunny spring weather!!

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