Monday, May 27, 2013

What I'm Eating on WW - Days 5-8 Recap & Weigh In

Hope y'all have all had a wonderful Memorial Weekend so far! It's back to work for this girl today...hospitals don't close! You're welcome. ;-)

Days 5-7 on WW went well. I stayed within my points on Friday, so I went into the holiday weekend with all of my weekly points and all of my activity points. I  must admit, I fell off the wagon a bit over the weekend. 

Saturday we went to Burlington for a crawfish boil at my mom and stepdad's house. We didn't have coffee in our house that morning...so Barrett went to Krispy Kreme for coffee...and some doughnut holes.  Eek!  Mom and I went shopping and got an Auntie Anne's pretzel for a snack...Double Eek!  Crawfish are very low in points, but it's the potatoes, corn, sausage, and beer you must have with them that'll get ya! I didn't keep up with my points Saturday, but I feel pretty confident that I had enough points to allow myself a free day!

My dad is in town for the next couple of days from Louisiana. We went out to Bad Daddy's Burger Bar for lunch yesterday and I had a really yummy salad with grilled chicken. I may or may not have had five or six friend pickles with it.  We grilled filets and shrimp for dinner tonight and I had a salad and half a baked potato with mine. I didn't count points today either (oops!) but I'm not beating myself up since it was a holiday weekend. Hey - I ate a salad at the burger bar. Gold star!

Today's menu is as follows:

Breakfast: (4 P+)
Chobani Flips Vanilla Crunch Yogurt

Lunch: (8 P+)
Salad with Leftover Filet and Homemade Ranch Dressing

Snack: (10 P+)
Vanilla ice Cream with 1 T caramel and 8 Pretzel M&M's
Tootsie Pop
(I was at work on a holiday. I splurged!)

Dinner: (12 P+)
1/4 lb 93/7 Lean Burgers
Hamburger Bun
2% Sliced Cheese
1 T Light Mayo
1 Medium Corn on the Cob
Trader Joe's Frozen Asparagus Spears

Total Used: All daily plus 8 weekly points. I'm cool with this...it's a holiday.  :-)

AND...today was weigh in day.  Even after my no points counting weekend, I'm down...

-2.5 lbs.

It's a start, and I'll take it!  Back on the wagon today, y'all!

Happy Memorial Monday!

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