Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bad Day...

So, yesterday was not awesome.  Let me start by saying that everything is fine and I feel good today...but yesterday, that was a whole different story!

The day started out fine other than being a little sleepy from our weekend trip and I also woke up with a little bit of heartburn.  Nothing major.  The morning flew by, we ate lunch, and then around 2:00 I started to feel not so hot.  It started with some belly cramping.  Nothing too terrible and I honestly just thought maybe my lunch wasn't agreeing with me.  Then, I almost felt a little like I was going to faint.  I got super hot and a little jittery.  I had one of the nurses check my blood pressure and glucose which were both normal.  I ran through some other possibilities in my head...was I hungry?  Had I drinken enough water?  I decided to call it a day and headed home from work a little early.  The ride home was a little rough because my cramps had gotten a little worse since they'd first started.  I got home, got straight into bed, and called the doctor (mostly because Barrett really wanted me to...I'm a little stubborn and wanted to just tough it out a while longer).  I went through all the symptoms with the on call nurse at the office.  To me, it seemed like maybe it was really terrible gas or something, but I was concerned beause the cramps were so low in my belly...way down in my pelvis.  The nurse checked with the doctor on call and he said to just keep my feet up and drink lots of water.  He said that if the cramps got worse or if I started to have any bleeding to go into the emergency room.  Of course, my head immediately went to the worst possible outcome and I got pretty scared.  I don't know that I've ever had belly cramps that bad.  They were pretty consistent for about 7 hours, not really coming and going like a contaction, just steady pain. 

Anywho...I feel fine today.  I stayed home from work because I was pretty tired (didn't get great sleep) and just wanted to take it easy for another day.  All I know is that this little peanut better not give me anymore scares like that!  What a day!  Ugh.

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