Sunday, March 18, 2012

Consturction Zone

So, we're elbows deep in Operation Make A New Guest Room So We Can Have a Nursery.  We are so, so lucky and so, so thankful that my stepdad is a home improvement ace so we don't have to pay for labor costs on this project!  This weekend, my mom and Kenny came into town to help us get this under way.  So, we've got this first floor living space that is totally useless.  It's just a waste of space.  We are NEVER down there.  Our two bedrooms are on the third floor, and the current guest bedroom will become the baby's room.  So we're turning our useless living room into a bedroom...up goes a wall and a set of french doors.  Easy peasy.  :-)

This is what that room looked like at the beginning of constuction...

Carpet rolled back, furniture pushed out of the way...let the games begin!

Here's a little of the progress...

Next, Barrett will be working on sanding and mudding the seams in the drywall again and then we'll paint.  In a few weeks, Mom and Kenny will head back to Charlotte and we'll install the french doors and add the trim...then, I think we'll have a real live room!  We've moved all the furniture that was downstairs in the dumb living room upstairs to the living room we actually use.  The furniture that was upstairs is now downstairs in the construction zone but will eventually be making it's way to Goodwill.  Once it's an actual room, we'll move all the guest room furniture down and really start in on thr nursery! 

Here's what the upstairs living room looked like this morning...

And here's what it looks like now...

Soon, the coffee table and end tables will join their former living room mates at the Goodwill store and I'd like to get new end tables and a big leather ottoman...all in good time.  :-)

So, we've got a ways to go, but I definitely feel like we got a lot accomplished this weekdend!  I've been saying that I felt like I needed to be doing something...so, there we go!  I guess it wasn't really me who did all of that work, but it still feels like an accomplishment! 

While the boys were hard at work, mom and I did a little browsing around.  We went down to Waxhaw and met Cindy.  We browsed an antique shop, went into a home decor store where I fell in love with a glider (more on that another time), and had lunch.  Then, we went to Target and Old Navy so I could find a few maternity tops that I can wear to work with my scrubs.

All in all, it was a really great weekend!!

Looking forward to getting it all finished soon!

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